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TXP Is it Okay to Offer a Blind Man Help?

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So a question I get pretty often is this: What do you do if you see a blind person out? I mean, do you offer your help, or what do you do? You know, for me, I think what it comes down to, is you need to sit and watch for a second. I think you need to see if there's any familiarity that this person has with the intersection, or the building, or with wherever they are. If you just watch for a second, I think you'll see it. And believe me, they'll ask for help - I do. I have no problems about asking for help, you know? If I'm lost, I'll just be, "Scuse me, where am I?" You know, for instance, I was lost one day, and I actually had to ask someone that question. I heard somebody walkin' by, and I said "Pardon me, excuse me". "Can you tell me where I am, please?" What street's ahead of me, what street's behind me. They were very helpful, and they told me. Do you need a hand? No, no, I'm cool. I know to how to go to the end of the block. I'm alright, thank you very much. Done. However, if I do need help, don't surprise me, you know, announce yourself a little bit. Just don't come up and grab my arm, it's a little scary like that. And I'll grab on to you, and I'll just walk with you. I can feel you walk up and down stairs, up and down curbs, everything. So, if you grab me, and we walk next to each other, I've no idea what's coming. So, it's just easier for me that way, so I'll just grab onto you. So that's called sighted guide. That's what we call it in the business. ♪ [bumper music] So, you take a beer, I'll take a little Instagram here. [iPhone] tap on camera button Say hi, doctor. [iPhone] take photo button [click] [iPhone] dictate If I could see comma this is what I'd be looking at period [beep] Here we go. [iPhone] done And the big done-arino. [iPhone] If I could see, this is what I'd be looking at.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Sep 3, 2012


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