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How to Vacation

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Sharing the most memorable parts from a trip or vacation is something we're all hard-wired to do. Sway helps me illuminate my favorite moments from that trip. First, I'll select a few of my favorite photos and add them to the storyline. Then, I can organize them into a group simply by clicking on this icon. You can group images into a stack, or a grid, or a slideshow We can make those changes back on the storyline And we can choose between a stack, a grid, or a slideshow I use the comparison card to create a kind of Etch-a-Sketch effect with drawings on the beach I like this style that I've chosen, but I noticed that it tends to crop some of the parts of the image that I like So I need to use focus points To bring back my favorite parts of that image And make sure they're not cropped Focus points allow me to draw the viewer's attention to my favorite parts of an image For each of the sunset photos, I added some captions I also a recorded a timelapse and a super slow-motion bubble floating through the air. I wanted to embed a map, so I copied this iframe code and paste it into the embed card Now that I have some content, I can cycle through different looks quickly and watch the mood of the story change. The remix feature is a fast way to cycle through different combinations of design and navigation automatically. We can also further customize the look by choosing a color scheme based on some images that are in your Sway. Using Sway to share an experience is as fast and easy as creating a gallery of images But you have more granular control for the look and feel These little tweaks in style and fun interactive elements help add character to the story and they help me share what I think is most important Check out the other videos in this series by clicking on the thumbnails. Hopefully these videos will inspire you to try out Sway and share your own story

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Posted by: chwallec on Oct 21, 2015

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