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The Beautiful truth

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start Downloaded From "... No child is izle�ila proven cancer. " <i> Dr. Kasilet Barry, a spokesman for the U.S. Association Against Cancer (2007) </ i> "They're lying as villains." -Dr. Din Burk. * Applies to US association cancer. Burk has worked 34 years in National Cancer Institute. "There was a lot of medicines for cancer and all were ruthlessly and systematically suppressed, with decisiveness like Gestapo, the the institution le�enje cancer. <i> physician Robert Atkins </ i> Cancer and disease. Politics & You. My school report. Medicine or health products? To improve human health and the environment. Infinite depths of darkness is possible to create light. For the space finally Spells of life, There is only one sensitive boat. Country. There is already a long time. The light is gently warmed this beautiful membrane complex, faithfully. Mankind is the only form life went away and sent long and hard look, our only home. Our intelligence led us up here, and we were too close the other world, which is in us. Within this space, fabulous there is a plan for our future. Cancer! It is a biological code went wrong path. Keen's food you give him. Me that we feed these creatures, mounts by the day. But one man has long been found a way to close the door Pandora's box. 1928th year. This is a story about it. WONDERFUL TRUTH �uveni biologist John Miura once wrote: "If one looks at only one nor from nature, will find that it is connected to everything else. " This fifteen year old boy, Garrett, regularly to detect the druga�ijih angles. He lives with his father zaba�enom part in Alaska where the usual travel the planes of the wild. On these sites, health forests, wildlife and even gle�era melting can be easy to observe. Garrett has a high sensitivity to changes in nature. His eyes have already seen unspoiled nature. He knew the answers to many questions, before they read it in books. I remember how he, his Family has always worked with siro�i�ima wildlife. From there it developed its understanding of biology. Partially thanks to a book, written by Dr.. Max Gerson. He understood how important feed the young creature, as this is the porcupine, with the right mix of food, or will the creature soon to become seriously ill. Especially in the first few days his life. Regular visits neighbor Bob, to supply him with unpasteurized goat milk. No Souvenirs it can not legally obtain. Bob's wife Margaret is recovering from breast cancer. Garrett recently apologized to her o Dr.. Gerson and then through their community spread story the treatment of Dr. Gerson. This story is deeply positive effect on mayor, local electrician, banker, a man from the Museum "Hammer" and p�elara who saw Gerson therapy association The health and produktivno��u his bees. It also the artists and people from health food stores. Then he procured Dr. tape. Gerson. There are laws against le�enja cancer. Doctors are not allowed use's nothing else except what has already been proven as unsuccessful le�enje. Imagine what we could do If this were accepted. But there are laws that we do not allow le�imo. Too much money can be earned by drugs. For Geretovog neighbor John, diabetics, this message has arrived too late to save his legs. Maybe Bob had the best milkman objection to the Gerson therapy. I would like to see some evidence. Nauen valid evidence. When the cruise ship arrived in city, many visitors have come to see animals that were Garrett old. It is much za�udilo people are not familiar with wild animals and their needs. News about this situation later came up to Charlotte, Dr. daughters. Gerson. It was Garrett sent a small gift. New book, published by Charlotte, explaining how it works Dr. therapy. Gerson. It was written dictionary that is easy to understand about cancer. Text that even fifteen can easily understand. Chapters are a vital and active Too good to be true. POINT shown to cause curiosity for knowledge. "Aspartame" "The modified food" "Chemical agriculture" This moment represents a new Geretovom chapter in life. Until then, he had a habit reader to the book to end. This time was different. Partially because of the topic deals with this book. This is something that is on a daily basis prime�ivao, obavljaju�i their daily tasks. What Garrett has not been fully understand the amounts of potential and power contained in the vegetation. What seemed like a simple snack from the garden, which we take for granted, had huge implications around the world. If the Gerson therapy accepted and implemented, would help change history Human modern agriculture, food supply, health systems, economy and environment. Then Garrett learned a lesson from a misunderstanding of the environment. His father's house one day �istio and threw it Geretov drawing in the trash. Because of its neobi�nog design �ubretar he took out and gave the police, which declared that it is a sketch of the bomb. Geretovu blow to creativity! Other events were then taken their toll Geretov clean record has sunk. His father decided that his ku�no need education. His first lesson was o Dr.. Gerson, and ... I would like to see Nauen some evidence. Boy did not know how this can be achieve, but to start drew an analogy between gold mining and human nature. Decided to start a their research in the public library. Did not take much time to finds several independent sources which confirmed the important point, as outlined in the original classical Dr. Gerson. Of these important marking, suspicious characters who have come up history of the use of fluoride, fascinated the boy. He asked for more information and then found new irregularities. Then he began to compose Garrett general overview of what it takes achieve, in order to successfully confirmed the Gerson protocol. "When the written word HOPE, I decided to help in documenting the integrity of Garson therapy. " First we have Gerald Cox who worked for the Institute "Mellon" of "Industrial Research". By the way, the institute "Mellon" was chief counsel of companies who work with asbestos. Gerald Cox became interested in Fluoride, on the recommendation Frencis Frerija, director of laboratories for aluminum, the company, "Alcoa." Then came the chief scientist Toxicology Dr. Harold Hodge. Harold Hodge was a man who supervised injection plutonium and uranium in humans. Harold Hodge studied questionable safety of fluoride, but the associated press Atomic Commission and the aluminum industry, he had to say that it is safe. Harold Hodge, along with helped a group of apprentices in making atomic bombs. -Remote I am about 1.7 miles from your camera. To 3.3 kilometers on the other we pre�i camera. I'm going to get away from here. 3, 2, 1, 0 Shock wave would overtake the control area for about half a minute. Then came Edward Bernejz, sestri� Sigmund Freud, wizard Relations javno��u. Selling fluoride to public stock water it was easy for Bernejza. He used the slogan: "Trust your doctor!". To this days, fluoride tablets are issued even children, partially thanks needed that the use of fluoride making atomic bombs. With these events may withdraw historical parallels with the production mobile phone. A loan of $ 28 million Dr. granted. George Carlo, in the nineties, to prove safety of mobile phones, but instead, he discovered something else. He refused to be potpla�en. It remains unknown how transmission of mobile phone affects the insects. Are we to recite in school? But when you talk about dental health, Diet can play a important role, not fluoride. This is Garrett became clear when the assisted in the operation of small his wolf. Perfect teeth of the wolf, caries, guides to the facts from a book he had just read the library. It is called "Nutrition and physical degeneration " from a reputable dentist, Al. Weston A. Price. Al. Pryce has traveled the world with his wife in 1930, to visit the underdeveloped culture that have never been exposed disorders of modern society: White flour, fat and sugar. To his surprise, less than 1 percent of these people on average had rotten teeth. Al. Mr Price noticed something else. None of these people have not practiced maintenance of dental hygiene. Never used toothbrush. But when they began to use processed foods, followed the disease and tooth decay. This was the beginning of the end. Uniform, strong and painful. Al. Pryce has studied certain types of animal nutrition. The result was two cows head and the deformed cat. Studied the direct correlation feeding with the shape of the human skull. Nevertheless, it is still discusses the use of fluoride. The Juneau-in, the capital of Alaska, I met with Chief of the City Dental Clinic. As none of your business water fluoridation in Alaska Ministry of Health and Department of Public Health support water fluoridation. But here it is a local initiative. We at the Juneau-in we have a local vote about whether we should continue with water fluoridation. Although the Ministry supports our own citizens odlu�uju. It also cooperated with Coalition of Citizens for dental health but it's not in my jurisdiction, as State officer for dentistry. -Do you think you'll fluoride in water help in preventing caries and other dental diseases? I think we are in the last 60 years gathered enough evidence that fluoride prevents tooth decay. But the only measured effect fluoride in preventing decay the application of the tooth surface, and not from the water to drink. Apparently, Hitler is known Using the water by mass mixed with sodium fluoride, for sterilization of people, and for submission to the people. Garrett was a need to review both sides of the "medals" of the drug. He looked convincing scenes Gerson films, which I collected. <i> Dr. Din Edel, award-winning director - author </ i> If you consider what is in Gersonovoj therapy do not you expecting that would izle�iti cancer. I think that there is no evidence that someone izle�en Gerson therapy. <i> Dr. Wallace Sampson, lead author of the journal "Nauen review of Alternative Medicine </ i> It is not good, for many reasons. Does the Gerson therapy ever izle�ila a cancer? Of course not. They will not or to demonstrate their records. <i> MD. Stephen Barrett, suosniva� National bigger fraud in health care </ i> There is no evidence Nauen, that he is somebody izle�io. I've never interviewed someone Gerson therapy patients. It is really pointless. But I I am interviewed patients, and more. These patients were recover from all types of cancer. Many of them were dying. Orthodox medicine has given up of them and sent them home to die. Some of them have published books about his recovery. I have traveled the whole world, from the Netherlands to Japan. Everywhere was the same result. Recovery. Even in the cardiac arteries can recover. When Prince Charles publicly defended in favor of the Gerson therapy, after seeing its performance, was strongly criticized by the medical community. However, I noticed his unconcealed sympathy in a letter which is on Gerson Institute. Charlotte Gerson regularly holds lectures on �uvenoj therapy her father, all over the world. Al. Gerson said: "Two things are essential: Toxicity and inadequacy. ". Garrett was on the right track in His plan, for a school report. What has just seen yet more of a curiosity awakened. Now he is the world seemed a little more complicated. While he studied a variety of articles with the hike of cancer patients curious and relentlessly hunted for texts on the treatment of Dr. Gerson, in the popular media. Instead, the joints of Cancer or hroni�noj disease found is different for approach. That approach, of which became suspicious. "Arimidex anastrozole 1mg tablets " Garrett wanted to know more and delighted when his family Gerson sent some old movies. Al. Gerson and his family, reinstated in the picture. Snapshot Charlotte Gerson in its twenties he was awaken the imagination in terms of some historical events. Where, why and how this family came to U.S. from Germany? As a young doctor in the Netherlands, inspiration to Max Gerson was ma�arski medical researcher Al. Ignaz Semilvajs. He discovered that if doctors simply wash their hands between childbirth, women are more will not die from infection. He was severely ridiculed for that proposal. Gerson has been too ridiculed when he discovered a cure for his migraine and after tuberculosis So what has changed the diet. Begin a clinical investigation with 450 patients who had neizle�ivu tuberculosis skin. At first none of them Gerson recovered and was desperate. Then it was discovered that the medical sister secretly taken by patients pies, beer and sausages. After that Gershom diet strictly respected, which led to recovery 446 of 450 patients! Then he discovered one izle�en cancer. In World War II, the Gerson managed to escape Nazi persecution, prebegav�i in the U.S. with his family. He continued that heals cancer and other hroni�ne disease. When his close friend of Dr. Albert Schweitzer ill of diabetes, izle�io and Dr. Schweitzer. This led to the Schweitzer the conclusion that Gerson, and I quote: "The most genius in the history of medicine. " In July 1946th year, Senator Cloud Pepper held podkomisijsko hearing in the Senate, in conjunction with Al. Gerson therapy for cancer. The Amazing testimony was quickly reported ABC journalist jev Raymond Gram Swing, on ABC radio. The public reaction was quick and positive. But Raymond Gram Swing got fired because of this issue, two weeks later, due to great pressure by the Pharmaceutical and the U.S., medical establishment. "Dr. Max Gerson" Censored due le�enja Cancer Voice of Dr. <i>. Max Gerson </ i> <i> radio station WOR in New York: Interview, January 1957 </ i> I Ispitavan 5 times. What do you mean "ispitavani? Interrogated you? -Yes, 5 times. Every time you call me, I could show them patient who was sent home to die. Izle�en it! Another patient. Send you have him home to die. Izle�en it! Next patient. Sent you him home to die. Izle�en it! It's really heals. Including people with mi�i�nom dystrophy such as this young girl. Public lectures Dr. Gerson on its therapy were unpopular among his disciples. For example, Gerson publicly opposed to tobacco since 1920. -Rest for the majority of medical workers generally means that the time to enjoy a cigarette. Because they know how mild smoking pleasure delicious cigarette, carefully selected who will use the brand. In the new national poll doctors from all branches of medicine, Doctors from all over countries were asked: "What brands do you smoke Doctor?" Re-elected Kamel as the best brand. Exactly. According to this repeated national survey, Kamel more doctors smoke than other cigarettes. Why would not move to Kamel in the next 30 days and learn what is the difference in the pleasure of smoking. Check how to comply with Kamel your throat, how gentle and nice taste can have a cigarette. The more layers therapy revealed and understood, Garrett has become increasingly clear why is there so much resistance by Gersonovoj therapy who cares about health. Tobacco industry was then main source of advertising revenue Medinisku to the American Association. Philip Morris was the main source of income to the American Medical Association, from advertising in newspapers. Dr. editor of this newspaper. Morris collarbone Dr. attacked. Max Gerson because, I quote: "Le�enja cancer patients from the diet, and warnings on cigarettes. " Collarbone is aiming to becoming the a professional clown, but never practicing medicine and not a single izle�io patient throughout his career. To date, nothing has changed. Chemical and pharmaceutical companies now managed by the US Medical Association and FDA-om. What bothers me that people think that they FDA is protecting, but that's not true. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks that the FDA does, varies as day and night. I quoted Herbert Lei, the former commissioner at the FDA. Boy remembered an effective drug, which is his father used on his leg. Expensive and toxic pharmaceuticals treatments had no effect. But with a simple mixture of several onion and raw honey, problem in his leg was gone. Raw honey is a good disinfectant and accelerates recovery cuts and scratches. Another healthy and cheap thing we use, and is not toxic, the hydrogen peroxide. Used as a means of cleaning the house. It also is used in cosmetics, as a means to shine. Garrett discovered that pouring 3% hydrogen peroxide th in the ears, to a certain time may even To prevent the common cold. There are many books written about natural medicines and le�enju. Knowledge is power! Garrett gave my bad, which is called Freni, his last bottle of goat's milk. And so Garrett ku�na lessons moved to a new level. It was time to expand its homework and to be tested. The entire foundation Garrett Studies Nauen and analysis of the Gerson treatment is played out around doru�ka, with Charlotte Gerson in San Diego. Son of Charlotte Gerson, Havard Strauss and their honored guests, who had just arrived from Slovenia, too will join them. Here is Garrett upore�ivao their notes Dr. Gerson claims, with unrelated outside sources, to see whether they really match. Dental Amalgam ... By the way, dentists to prefer to call it mixture, because sounds more stable. However, dental amalgam the largest and worst exposure to live, that most Americans experience. If it is exactly, then Millions of people suffer needlessly abundance of disease rather than Health, more than a century, and do not realize that the real reason Therefore, hiding in their minds. I was getting ready to record a demo, that would prove, without a shadow of a doubt. Al. And Dr. Roger Ajkman. David Kennedy set the screen fosforocentni that is sensitive to mercury vapors that come out from between his teeth, even after namanjeg stimuli. We have the teeth filled with amalgam, that will be placed in the water at room out heat, as substitute for pljuva�ku mouth. Frankly, I'm expecting that will mercury vapor out of the teeth, or if it does, it will cameras able to shoot them. It also had the video camera who recorded the entire event. I was surprised and terrified, As you can see ... 35mm film camera managed to capture mercury vapor rising from the tooth. This is the first time in history recorded video camera. In order to ensure that the what we look alive We used a special instrument called D�eromov u�mrkiva� live to measure the quantity. 191. Please note this show. 191. Is it much? If you cross over 100, close to plant and evacuated all the people. God! If you think about it ... -Can you turn off the light? This is the room temperature. One tooth, which at least 50 years old. Liberates gases for years in. .. Many people have a mouth full of these things. -Right. Now imagine what would have happened, If you have 5 to 6 people in the elevator and all this off a gas. They released gases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Safety standards are based compared to 40 hours per week. Al. Ajkman the umo�io your fingers into the water to prove that they are not condensed water vapor. -Stavi�u his fingers inside. Note that does not evaporate any emissions from my wet fingers. These are not water vapor, that you saw. Then Dr. Kennedy set the mixer amalgam on the dresser, what used dentists in their offices, amalgam mixing capsule. They break down during mixing, to prepare for placement the patient's mouth, as an amalgam filling. Amang capsules are listed in mixer, where the shaking for a while. The patient was next and No one knows anything about it. Capsules are then preparation, as would did any dentist or assistant. Whether the mercury will fumes released? Remember, this is the traditional procedure, which takes place every day, around the world, in dental surgeries, next to innocent patients. Let the pictures speak for themselves! If The U.S. Association of Dentist continued to insist amalgam is safe ... It would be absurd! Start the Light- to look at what we have. 252. Ouch! Should that get out of here, does it poisonous? That warmed the room. There's nothing worse than doing in dental practice. However, now the problem ... If you go to the dentist to extract a tooth filled, and they literally went to the drill, complete this screen to darken. If you go to it with a drill that is quick turn round and mercury will hover on all sides. These very small Parts of amalgam will fly everywhere. You have to use a rubber dam and very quick vacuum cleaner, to put forward all out. Do not turn off usisavi� While all these par�i�e not out of the mouth. As soon as a little dig, as I am now the knife ... -No, that's okay. <i> Dr. David Kennedy </ i> I think it is criminal that do your dental staff. Female reproductive organs are much more sensitive to mercury. This results in infertility and at birth defects. Of course you'll hear the usual denying that, but when you read it professional literature, it is full of studies which suggests that exposure to live from your teeth or during labor in dental practice ... You saw for yourself the demonstration. There are huge amounts of mercury in those offices. They do not control. Do not warn employees and do not give them adequate cover and protection. The result is large amounts of infertility among dentists. There is a documentary about it. It is a Norwegian medical sisters in dentistry. Their lives are ruined because of their work, when they were young girls. I think it is criminal to what do these young girls. They came to me after the patients other dentists, saying: "They just cleaned my teeth and feel is bad, a few days later. Every time. How's that? " <i> Dr. Roger Ajkman </ i> Polishing teeth exempted enormous quantity of mercury, a few days more after that, while you get a little corrosion on the top, which slow down the process. But the amounts of mercury released simply amazing and if that person is sensitive to live, to make it uninterrupted. Faculty of Dentistry I explained that dentists experience first attack to 44, and our prose�an life expectancy is 52 years. I personally think it's because of their use of mercury and amalgam filling, because it does not happen in ortodontici and surgery. I am sure that Garrett is not anywhere near this demonstration, so I was sure that he would not inhaled mercury vapor. However, it is merely absurd When we consider that many People are walking around with amalgam in the mouth. Al. Gerson is all the time was right. Dental health is very important for le�enje hroni�nih disease. In Colorado Springs, Colorado, There is one dentist who is �uveni publicly spoke out against fluoride dental amalgam and even risk root canal, but by decades. His name is Dr. Hal Huggins. But just when I needed to know him, Garrett fell into depression. He could not overcome uznemiruju�u chemistry lesson from the deadly metallic mercury vapors, which he apologized Dr. Roger Ajkman. His homework really hit him. Then he discovered the reason for his sadness. Boy's parents have allowed a dentist, against his will, to put live in his mouth. Now it yourself watched as a biological hazard. The good news is that it will soon Dr familiar. Hall Hagins, that will give him a encouraging user. <i> Dr. Hal Huggins </ i> Many people who come to me with wish to remove your amalgams, have some sort of horrible disease. But you are interested in prevention. Then you're one of the few which are in very good position, because prevention is much easier, but later corrected the problem. I asked him how many dentists thought that the capsules with live safe. Approximately 100% of them, if they want to practice dentistry. Because the Association has Zubara certain rules and regulations. If you wonder whether the toxic mercury and they give a positive answer, if you say it is and that it Poisonous metal on the planet, which is not radioactive ... Izgubi�e his license and Next Day will sell used cars. What they believe and what you can to say, they are two different things. Then he wanted to know which dentist know how to properly remove the charge. Random people who choose a dentist in which will remove their charge, about 63% of them in the next 6 months gain autoimmune disease, which had before removing their amalgams. Al. Huggins was sent by Garrett dentist, who could safely to remove its charge. Boy remembered an issue. He asked Dr. Huggins for retaliation, If you choose to speak publicly. Yes, there have been several cases of retaliation. First they spent a huge amount of money that we suspend licenses for refusing to put the amalgam, for refusing to work root canals on patients, and because I wrote book that they did not like. There are some personal preference thing that were done against me and my family, what we break up the family. Other things you have done ruined my business. They destroyed everything I had, except you have a mortgage on his house. For some reason, it did not want. Garrett realized that life is could it be much easier, that was needed was yellow, and most doctors. Therefore posed the question: "Why did you allowed themselves to pass through all of this? Do you see people that I saw, and see that life has only few minutes, a couple of hours, before it runs out. If you see that this can be change and that after several years these people have a good life ... This is my reward. That is why I continue to do my job. It was a fresh ideological view, which reminded of Dr. Garrett. Gerson. But still, like David and Goliath. In the present situation, the US Dentist Association has enormous power and control over life dentist. Dentist who has done properly remove the charge for Garrett was a terrified mogu�no��u that his identity will be revealed in this film. We had to sign document in which I confess that I I am personally responsible for the destruction of his career and income, If you take his face. Hearings on mercury fillings are currently held in Washington, which will, hopefully, stop this catastrophe with the amalgam. It is estimated that currently there about 1,000 tons of mercury filling the Americans. Amazingly, FDA never assess the impact use of mercury amalgam The teeth on the environment, like that provided by law. It is very important that people from orthodox domain send patients to alternative le�enja, because they are successful. People is a very long rinsed brain. But what could be worse of dental health? Sure that food additives can not be so bad? MNG is very harmful chemicals. Mono-sodium glutamate actually excludes power key in your brain, who tells him: "I ate enough." A problem with the MSG-om, it is a toxin excitement. But what a thrill toxin? There are thousands of studies and enough with the subject, to fill the smaller libraries. Evidence have been accumulated, and then continued to pile up. Anyone can read it to them. But the food processing industry hope that the media and people prose�na too busy, lazy or under- sophisticated to understand subtle science of discussion. But in case you prose�na lazy person still show little interest the risk of poja�iva�a flavors, such as MNG, Food processing industry wise small printed flyers and brochures for us, who defend their weak position. Garrett met with the experts Food and Adrian Jack Samuels, the company's "Truth in Labeling" -Truth in labeling. <i> Jack Samuels, company "Truth in Labeling" </ i> The story of glutaminskoj acid is very complicated. Therefore, it is not difficult convince people that it is safe. Remove the mono-sodium glutamate from many of their products and replace it with other ingredients, no indications for the Customer, the presence of reactive components mono-sodium glutamate. My doctor told me after he saw my reaction to MSG, I'm gonna die soon exposure to MSG in if not I start to avoid it. Adrian has used her Investigative experience and went the library, where he spent about 4,000 hours prou�avaju�i all which is able to find the MNG-in. <i> Dr. Adrian Samuels, company "Truth in Labeling" </ i> To her surprise, she found the studies that indicate that the MNG safe, but all these studies is sponsored by the glutamate industry or their agents, and all have so much defects that are totally worthless. At the same time there are many other studies that clearly show MNG is toxic and dangerous. Neuropathologist Dr. John Olney is MNG studied for decades. Rarely gives interviews due to unwanted attention. I am an expert in Experimental Neuropathology. <i> Dr. John Olney </ i> I did study mono-sodium glutamate and its potential toxicity the odoj�ad animals. I found that glutamate destroys nerve Cells the developing brain odoj�adi animals. I can understand his shyness to appear front of the camera, because for years play a major role in okrivljuju�im Evidence against food processing industry. His findings are shocking to people, especially parents with young children. But often when you travel ... Garrett is not interested in what you eat? In his house in Alaska or during visits to family Gerson, in his diet was not processed foods. It takes more effort to find delicious organic products or restaurants with such a diet. Stop! After all this, I thought it would ... It's too late. Chemicals in these fast foods are already begun to affect how the boy. He ate the meal, be more precise two meal, as if possessed. Razo�arao myself, but to insist on it would be like a sword with two blades. He is free to make decisions. 3 hours later, the plane that went in Jackson, Mississippi State, results have been found in. .. In Jackson, Mississippi State, boy met with a great family photographer, Blejlok. Al. Russell is known Blejlok and certified neurosurgeon, author of several books on cancer, toxins excitement and health. Here is Garrett pre-oriented on healthy eating, but what boy did not know - i wanted to test it. The widespread use of toxins excitement in the food, affects the human ability to think, remember and speak, so that our children longer have the capacity had their parents <i> Dr. Russell Blejlok, �uveni neurosurgeon and an expert in toxins excitement </ i> I think this becomes even more difficult because there is more food with Several different types of toxins excitement 4, 5 or 6 of different in one dish. So that our children, primarily the young children, consume large amounts. It affects the brain development and destroys relationships between brain cells. It affects the brain function and Vidam all over the country. In fact, throughout the world, in industrialized countries. The reason Manufacturers Food telling the public that it is safe is because they have enormous profit from it. Would not be able to takmi�e with its competitors If you do not use MSG, because MNG Adds more flavor. Because they want to ignore all surveys, although there is, literally, several thousand studies. These studies continue to prove without any reasonable doubt, that it is harmful to the human brain. Causes obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, Deej diabetes, atherosclerosis ... Many diseases are now associated with exposure to MNG-in. On the table was passed �ips, which is soaked in MNG. What people fail to realize is that This can be a silent poisoning. " They do not know what is happening. Many people tell me that have no reaction. Have no symptoms of nausea, povra�anja and headaches. Many people who are exposed to MNG-in would not have these symptoms, but it will get the same of damage. It takes a long time, decades. Brain cells are destroyed, while people do not lose the greater number of Cells, will not know that they are being poisoned. In neurology, is known to have izubite to about 90% of nerves in a certain part of the brain, before symptoms develop. While these symptoms develop, such as dementia, Parkinson's disease and so forth, already have lost 90% nerves in that part of the brain. This is what is important. Another new and very important discovery MNG is firmly link a with the development of cancer. We know from increased amounts of glutamate in the diet of man, accelerating the growth of cancer and the cancer becomes very offensive. This means that spreads throughout the body. The problem is that no one is talking with cancer, it must be very careful with additives in the diet. Because their cancer is growing much faster and becomes much more offensive, which means that they are less likely that will survive the cancer. Garrett has not served those �ipsom. Wants to keep all your brain cells. The number of foods that contain MSG, but are not labeled as such, is nowadays almost beskona�an. The only way to avoid this is to buy organic produce and food not worked. Boy if he too realized that this is New discoveries confirm Gershon, 80 years old. To create balance in its task prera�enoj of food, the boy flew to Omaha, Nebraska, to be interviewed by representatives of release from the company "ConAgra Foods." After a few calls and send faxes, I thought there was a reason for optimism, but it is wrong. No one from this great institution did not want to talk to him. Boy temporarily confused and upset. For me, this is a good tale kept plant and lack of desire to talk it was pure arrogance. Especially If we consider that our food daily, or at least some of us. However, reminded me of plant in Alaska like a military project HAARP Launches the question of the time. Or on my experiences in scheduling interviews with oil companies, where I blankly refused. Natives from the north and their concerns, represent a low priority. A boy tried two more times to contact the "ConAgra Foods," and received no response. However, not all was lost. We went to Omahin Mayberry Park, where Garrett is once again very happy. We need to go back to Hippocrates. He first said: "Do not do evil!" Each drug is doing evil. It also said: "Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food. " It is very important, because it will you bring up food and izle�iti. These are natural materials Your body knows how to use. Your body has evolved several million years, to be used. Now, these huge, amazing profit-making companies around the world, o�te�uju body, infect the liver and cause disease. How then can it be called a cure, if they cause disease? If we can not talk with manufacturers of food, maybe we can talk an engineer for food. Meet Carol Hornlajn. We met at the airport St. Louis, Missouri, and ride in the radio interview. By the way the enough time for sightseeing. Garrett has now had sufficient time to absorb much information. Na�uo the greater part of the conversation with the front seat, yet another food additives. It reminded him ... 1974th I submitted the application Commissioner of the FDA, with the evidence I have found that aspartame causes of brain damage. Despite all the warnings, the former Head of GDC and Donald Rumsfeld, nevertheless allowed his use on the market. Well as being paid for and respected engineer for food, Karol was first to suffer this dangerous substances, because of his work. Not long ago but as a surprise tumors of mucilage canal to its ovary. The hope, gained weight and health problems continued. Karol never gonna be the same. No longer wants to work as an engineer for food, because, I quote: "I can not work somewhere, where deliberately poison people. " This is worse than tobacco, because You can choose not to smoke. With food, you have no choice. We came to the station, where will Carroll will have the opportunity to tell you a world my story, and what food additives such as MSG and aspartame work nesre�nim all organisms with whom you come into contact. This radio show, "Mighty-clock you can hear all over the world on short radio waves or intenet, live or repeated, every day of the week. Her website is " It had been damaged by the use of MSG, the but it is not used. These are her others did. I am interfere aspartame in a barrel. -Can you believe ... Mesa is aspartame in a barrel! -For years I had many problems. And what about the cards, You know those drugs-card? Those who are quick dissolve? -To those who are fast dissolving. Drugs that dissolve quickly have aspartame in it. If "Mighty hour" let people like Carroll, the public story about these issues, must be creative in order to stay in the program. Ogla�ava�i supporting mainstream media can survive, because they can not sell drugs, processed foods and of lethal chemicals. Not here! What "Mighty clock Sales are natural products, flavorings for food, books and DVDs. Hostess Joyce Riley is known with Charlotte Gerson and familiar with the Gerson therapy. Joyce has military experience, as a nurse. Since the Gulf War was won disease "Gulf War Syndrome." <i> Mighty clock production, "More than issue" </ i> Then he produced a startling film "More of betrayal", in which the documented serious degradation environment for ammunition USA filled with depleted uranium, experimental vaccines and more. The consequences of these activities the zastra�uju�e. Radioactive depleted uranium, for example, has a half-decay time than 4.5 billion years ago. Forever contaminated region of the Middle East. When a child is born in Iraq, parents are no longer interested whether boy or girl. They are interested ... Is it normal? Joyce explained, "Gulf Syndrome War in which soldiers are suffering. <i> Joyce Riley </ i> "Gulf War Syndrome" is combination of many different toxins. I could not figure out of which I am sick, because I flew only from Alaska to Cuba, while was a nurse on board. But I was sick. I have received vaccine. Many soldiers were given vaccine against exposure to oil fire ... They got the chemical, biological vaccines ... Everything is running. We now know that they were full of toxins. I was a nurse for 35 years and during that time I was doing everything of electroconvulsive therapy ... It was shock therapy. I worked on chemo therapy. I was head nurse. I was a nurse in Transplantation of the heart, lungs, liver, kidney and I never appreciated food. I have never respected its purpose. Then I got sick, after the Gulf War. Struck me is that medicine is not able to help me heal. Nothing! I had that I start to inquire on alternative and integrated medicine. Gulf War veterans they began to get sick, immediately after the Gulf War. Thousands of ... thousands sickened. We had nowhere to go. We learned that there are some veterans which helped to what they ate raw fruits and vegetables, and squeezes them. As they talked about vaccines, Garrett expressed his opinion the vaccines that are given children in schools. Diseases have declined by 90% before vaccines were introduced, as is clearly shown in the chart. Improved nutrition is caused to some reduction, not a vaccine. Vaccines are neuro-toxic. Because it is aware of this reason, boy has a clear position. "Did the vaccine imposed?" "Food additives" Genetically modified food is deadly, literally. Here in San Francisco has had da�ak lucky to meet the Executive Director Center for Food Safety, Andrew Kimbrela. Center for Food Safety is national non-profit organization Customer and to protect nature the risk of harmful technologies for food production and promote organic and other types of sustainable agriculture. <i> Andrew Kimbrel, Executive Director Center for Food Safety </ i> One of the wrong assumptions we have in relation to genetically modified food is: "Spirit is already out of the bottle" Keep listening to about 60-70% food contains genetically modified ingredients. It's not exactly! 60% of processed foods have genetically modified ingredients. In fact, almost none produced food is not genetically modified. No fruit. No vegetables. Meat, fish, most mle�nih products are not genetically modified ingredients. In fact, there are only four genetically bred crops. These are corn, cotton, canola and soybean. We stopped genetically modified plants, pirina�, fish. We stopped and bio-pharmaceutical drugs. Genetically modified food is One of the biggest failures modern agriculture and all is rejected, all over the world. Can we stop doing it? Stop me! There are five companies that support Genetically modified food: "Monsanto", "Dupont", "Beer" "Syngenta" and "Dow". These are 5 large companies support genetically modified food. They all have something in common. Not involved in agriculture. Dealing with the chemistry. There is good reason for it. Today's genetic engineering has only one meaning. All that was advertised, all the myths about ve�oj tide of food, ve�oj nutrients in the diet, tastier food, All this is meaningless Nauen fiction. These chemical companies have modified the their crops, so that they can withstand greater amounts of their herbicides and pesticides. They sell thousands of millions of tons more its chemical and how it is. I'm not surprised that "Monsanto" is not wanted to give you an interview for this film. "Monsanto" has developed its technology into a single purpose. To sell more of its herbicides. Garrett was shocked when for your homework revealed that many people who work for these chemical company, later working to state positions, which should be controlled these corporate giants. Sometimes they come back and re- work for the company. Employed most frequently pass the "rotating door" between corporations and public agencies that regulate them. "Monsanto should not guarantee safety of bio-tech food. Our interest is to sell, as much as possible. To ensure food safety FDA's job. " When the debate ended with the statements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), usually to Food does not provide enough protection. Boy it was all very upset. I left both sides without credibility. "At the end of the Manufacturers of food, they which should guarantee safety. " <i> Dr. Beth Harrison, author of "Understanding genetically modified food "</ i> It all boils down to good will bio-technology companies, the country turn their research. But this is mostly unregulated industry in question is our food. People most frequently interested whether genetically modified food fatal, is it toxic? The FDA has given us the answer to that question. The Food and Drug Administration has given your answer in the 80's and 90's. Have investigated this food and they gave positive response. Genetic engineering can make toxic food, the food netoksi�ne. May create new allergens. Can reduce the nutritional value food, reduce our imnunitet. In some cases we have seen that cause cancer ... this technology. So, to answer the question whether foods may to be lethal or toxic. Yes! The very process of production may to make healthy food poisoned food, and potentially deadly foods. A clear goal of the company "Monsanto". "Monsanto" has become the largest preduze�e to produce seed in the world. "Monsanto" is in the process of buying all seeds in the world. What then want to patent and control. So that farmers will not be able to store a their seeds. They want to genetically modify the seeds and to throw what is called "Terminator technology", in the seeds. That would be forcing crops to suicide, After just one season, so that farmers can not to save the seeds. "Monsanto" wants to control all the seeds in the world, and to ensure that farmers I can not store a their seeds. It is very important, because 80% farmers in the world depends on the preservation of their seeds, in order to survive. If "Monsanto" managed, with the help of the patent or "Terminator technology" to destroy their ability of preserving seeds, the result would be mass starvation. Garrett was surprised to learn that the control �teto�ina and other reasons for which chemicals are used, ve�ta�ka including fertilizers, completely unnecessary. There are many institutions, only in the U.S. that are trying to spread good news about sustainable agriculture. Al. Paul Heper we demonstrated, for many crops and trial tests the fields, Amazing ways to help which plant wins and surpass fields that depend on chemicals. In many cases, crops are much greater than the crop fields which were treated with chemicals. Research are extensive, repeated and for anyone who motivi�u�a price good health. Al. Gerson said that the country is our external metabolism. It must be liberated from the spray and poisons, or the body can not izle�iti. With chemical agriculture, water we drink tap water can contain much more of fluoride and chlorine. There is another food processing, which can still threaten your health. We found that irradiation of food not only kills bacteria, for what are the benefits already actually changes the molecules of food. Makes the food is something called "free radicals". These are the new molecules in food, which did not exist there. For example, in normal food We see the creation of benzene. Which is known to cause cancer. We saw many other toxic elements in this food that are created due to radiation which has radically changed the food. We have the ethical responsibility, to eat healthy. Wonderful truth is that people around world refuse genetically modified food, radiation and food additives, and embrace organic foods and more. They want local food. This is the answer. It is human. It is diversity and social justice. Garrett thought that one of ways to stop this, is our method of voting. If we believe that will voting system will be correct. "Transgenic food and radiation " As the man who heals cancer and hroni�ne disease even 80 years ago could be so bad shva�en? It could not even understand this fifteen year old boy. Is it at the moment Race against time consider a gift that Gerson has long offered the world, before prekora�imo klju�anja a dot, viewed from the perspective of the environment. During our trip, Garrett Article I found in the papers of obesity. After all that is learned, it was not surprising. With all these chemicals and striving for more chemicals, more more processed foods and sugar, guaranteed us obesity, and such a death. Ohio Valley is the capital of manufacture of luggage, in the world. Boy is interested what is later going on with too large dead people. The company "Goliath kov�ezi" this a family business experiencing a growth market Garrett attributes that pharmaceutical drugs, MNG-in, aspartame, vaccines, food radiation, genetically modified food, dental amalganima, fluoridation of water and root canals, among other things. Even the standard and kov�ezi expanding the size of 25 millimeters, than they were previously. Most people do not want to enter into them, That's why you are afraid of it. It's an omen, a bad sign. This would be quite good summer cabin in Alaska. If you close the ark would not have entered light and could be better to be asleep. He kicked the toes out. <i> Keith Davis companies' Goliath kov�ezi "</ i> Most people are not increased, but have expanded and deepened. One of the problems we have with obese people is that a very wide and are much too deep. Our kov�ezi must be designed to suit their dimensions. When they wanted Cremation, in many cases it was not possible because Door crucible are not large enough. If they succeed in this, must be very careful in the treatment of the body to the retort to spre�ili and to retort on fire. Due to excess body fluids that can catch fire and cause retort to the fire. With all this traveling around the country, we had to pull over. It was the house of Garrett's grandmother, the mother's side. Boy's mother has recently �udnoj killed in the accident. Because of this tragedy, Garrett became aware of the impermanence of life. If you can not control life, then should strive for a healthy life. All living beings have a characteristic energy field around them, which can be measured and even photographed. Garrett recalled his experiment showed astronautical engineer Christopher Vodtki before what went on this trip. In this experiment, it is engineer showed the difference between cooked and uncooked par�eta organic young carrots. Cooked carrots on the left side. Uncooked on the right side. Uncooked carrots has Surprising strong line of energy, that's obviously missing in this skuvanoj carrots, which is steamed for 10 minutes. This means that the pasteurized food dead. Garrett's funeral held the last victim, almonds. Then we made an experiment with par�etom apples grown on conventional way and par�etom organically grown apples. The results were subtle. Apple on the right organically grown, and the left by the conventional way. Organically grown tomatoes. Tomatoes grown on conventional way. This photographic technique uses 50,000 volts and a wide range of frequencies for reasoning with objects from the test, in order to record their form, for analysis, whether they are alive or not. A boy was found that results are consistent and fascinating. Izu�avanja area by should further explore. <i> Vodtki Christopher, an engineer Astronautics / Kirlianov photographer </ i> Kirlianovo photos Iridology is the future. Helps us to see markers coming out of the aura of the human body. These markers indicate where the their health at risk, and where their health is good. "Nauen evidence" All that is Garrett did in their task, has finally begun to fit into the whole. His study of Gersonovoj Towards the end of therapy. Gerson therapy is not a secret. Never been to and it succeeds. Simple, but requires compliance and posve�enost. Basically, it consists of: fresh isce�ene organic psychotic, delicious meals of organic food in. .. Yes, coffee. That is, the coffee enema. Al. Gerson gave the example 50 patients who have recovered, in his original book, late 1950s. They are representatives of several thousand people recovered from that period. All these patients was set extremely detailed diagnosis the best medical centers at the time, all over the country. During and after therapy, medical records from the independent medical centers have confirmed the results. The results confirmed the wonderful truth. Gerson is izle�io a friend Al. Albert Schweitzer of diabetes type 2, and then his wife from TB lung and then his daughter from a rare skin disease. It Schweitzer would never forget, as described in his letters, Gershon's death before the 1959th year. Industry le�enje cancer is motivated by drugs and money. All the money in this world you can not save if you make the wrong choice. A boy is sure to be many famous and talented people managed to change history and culture, that they only knew. <i> Charlotte Gerson, Dr. daughter. Gerson </ i> Garrett has asked me to the task of the pancreas. The main task of the pancreas is that digested food. The pancreas has a key role in Gersonovoj therapy. For this simple drawing de�akovom, shows that the human intestinal system longer than that of carnivores. Welding of man becomes very vulnerable when it starts to eat animal proteins. This is an effort to pancreas, and the digestive system. Pancreas has another very important job. To protect the body of malignant cells. Pancreatic cancer identifies Cells, if they develop, digestive system and kill them and get rid of them. If the load to the pancreas, as what to most Americans work, with an excess of animal protein, food, the pancreas will all his ability to pay digestion, to get rid of all these animal products and not be able to to protect you from malignant cells. The immune system is paralyzed. Then the guest from Slovenia Havard asked, how the coffee enema. <i> Havard Strauss Dr. grandson. Gerson </ i> In the process of enema with coffee, caffeine is absorbed in hemoroidalnoj vein which is wrapped around the colon. This vein is the sewage system, and not the distribution system like arteries. It is part of the portal venous system who then supplied caffeine directly to the liver. Directly to the liver. Not only caffeine, but by other elements of the coffee. Kafestol and kahveol. And potassium. "It is very important. Potassium! Therefore, the liver is stimulated to produced glutathione S-transferase and Zuen acid. Glutathione S-transferase is an enzyme that pro�i��ava blood. Pharmaceutical companies would naturally prefer to produce something that will stimulate glutathione S-transferase, but it can not to patent. Because they could purify the blood from her and it would be wonderful. But it can not do. We stand for the coffee enema, but they do not want to, because it not to patent. Coffee enema is prepared for with 3 tablespoons of finely ground organic coffee, which is then kena 15 minutes. Then poured through a filter in container one quarter full. To be added to the distilled water, as to restore the whole quarters. Then poured into a bucket for enema. When the coffee flows to the patient, he lies on his right with the knee bent upward, approximately 10 to 13 minutes. I then ejected. In order to personally affected boy, had to acquaint people with cancer, in order to personally assured. There are no pictures. No more books. Garrett is wanted to go to Mexico. "Mexico" Boy wondered how many the environment more pleasant and how much they look good luck suffering from cancer. Here they came from all over the world. Garrett ate with them and listened to the their stories. Laboratory tests the patients were detailed and carefully pra�eni. Most patients remained at the clinic from one to three weeks, and then gone home to recover. One patient from New Zealand, was eager to meet with Garrett. How long are you here? -3 Weeks from today's date. I came right out Clinic "Mayo", from Florida. I have melanoma in bone, ki�menoj liquids, liver, lung and hips. Since I came here, I feel much different, inside. Physically a lot stronger. No more nausea. I feel inside 100% better than when I arrived. I came here from the clinic, "Mayo" where they told me that I live more 4 to 6 months, if not to be used chemo therapy. If using chemo therapy, �ive�u another 6 or 8 months, with my bole��u. If I am really good reacted to the chemo therapy, maybe I'll have another year. Razmi�ljaju�i about these options, I decided to try something else. My sister flew to see and've read the book Gavlerovoj, about his recovery from cancer. He had bone cancer and they gave him two weeks to live. Using the following few months, adapted the Gerson therapy. He is still alive today, and opened a Gavlerovu Foundation in Australia. The foundation would entrust life. That's why I came here. Then they Havard and Gareth discuss with one of the doctors from the clinic. What do you see in the first few days? -In the first few days, After an enema with coffee, prime�ujem starting to change. Their pain starts to decrease. Energy mounts. Patients who come for the first time, reduce blood pressure. Blood pressure in the first week disappears. No longer have to drink medicines for blood pressure. Patients starts to realize, that there are little more than a coffee enema and o�i��avanja organism with an organic diet and juices. Are beginning to see changes, and like me, are beginning to believe in hope of his recovery. It is not just a hope. This is the reality. The reality? -I starts to change their lifestyles. And you as a doctor, surely you get phenomenal satisfaction? Incredibly me excite you I see changes in blood and the X-ray examinations. This is something that can really to touch and feel. Because Vidam these patients every day. Garrett was traveling south of Tijuana, to inform the patient who is recovering from cancer, despite all odds. At home with the help of Gerson therapy. In the hills near the town of San Cristobal de las Casas, Havard Strauss was led by Garrett to inform the patient. She Geretovo year. Her name is Lupita. Lupita was overcome Cancer egg Cells, which stunned her doctors. The use Gerson therapy in extremely difficult conditions Geter has proven that everything is possible. It is enough that the person believes. Bang is not hard to find fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Fabulous, it is harder to find the right organic products in the U.S.. Gerson Institute in San Diego a detailed record of the history disease patients, who are free for anyone who wants to look at them. 12 months after I got diagnosis of prostate cancer, I no longer had cancer. For 12 months! This is proven by MRI image and the other tests that I did. All showed Amazing results, the cancer disappeared completely from my sacrum, pelvis, liver and prostate. 32 months after first diagnosis, I did another MRI image, second MRI, which confirmed that the cancer is completely gone from my body. From all over my body. If anyone doubts this, I have All your medical records to prove this. I'm with you bring all your medical records. Doctoral records, scans, photos ... They prove without any doubt. This is something unbelievable. Report with pathology, speaks for itself. Garrett is found everywhere recovered patients. With the evidence obtained from their doctor. Gerson therapy is izle�ila my fibromyalgia. Then I showed Garrett clip from 5 years ago, patient who received lethal punishment by conventional medicine. She was the primary ekstraovarialni peritoneal cancer, in the fourth stage. No one ever izle�io from such cancer, with the help of orthodox medicine. Here she is, and uses Gerson therapy, as a last resort. Today, five years later, Garrett looked at her results. Is I read her �itulju? This is her story. ... What you said today its doctor from the clinic, "Mayo"? He came out of the room briefly, and went down the hall. When he re-entered the room, crossed his arms over his chest. Amazed, looked at me and said: "You're the only patient who survived this diagnosis. " He told me: "This has not seen similar things." I told him that we are told if she ever gets sick. I'm gonna help him. Garrett wanted to know more about it. "Today / 5 years ago" He asked the patient to return to the clinic, "Mayo" and to take a statement that doctors she was diagnosed, that izle�ena Gerson therapy. Clinic "Mayo" is uspani�ila, because the doctor wanted to appear on camera. But the odse�en. This has become a game mode. It would much appreciated. I would actually do a big difference, in le�enju cancer and preservation environment. The answer came with the police. Refuge from there, supposing that the terrorists. As a result, the doctor resigned from the Clinic "Mayo" to be able to work without so strict restrictions. But there are many others. 1986th I received the diagnosis cancer of the pancreas, which spread to my liver, Zuen bag and spleen. The doctors told me I 3 more months of life. To get back home, fix your finances and to prepare for death. Gerson therapy was done 20 years ago. Garrett remembered where he started his homework. Only remembered, very quickly. <i> Dr. Din Edel, award-winning director - author </ i> No, I think there is no evidence that someone izle�en Gerson therapy. <i> Dr. Wallace Sampson, lead author of the journal "Nauen review of Alternative Medicine </ i> It is not good, for many reasons. Does the Gerson therapy ever izle�ila a cancer? Of course not. They will not or to demonstrate their records. <i> MD. Stephen Barrett, suosniva� National bigger fraud in health care </ i> There is no evidence Gerson therapy to succeed. In other words, Charlotte Gerson is a lie. There are laws against le�enje cancer. Doctors are not allowed use's nothing else except what has already been proven as unsuccessful le�enje. Imagine what we could do If this were accepted. I would like to see some evidence. Nauen valid evidence. Nauen evidence. Industry le�enje cancer a highly profitable business. Using useless treatments such as chemo and radiation therapy. Continue to ube�uju Releases to continue searching for the drug. Mike Henderson's documentary, called "Le�enje cancer from within," it is well summed up. The U.S. Association Against Cancer formed with the support of John D. Rockefellers. What he has served as spokesman industry le�enje cancer and not the public, all the time since then. The U.S. Association Against Cancer stated: "... they are sanctified Elimination of cancer, which is our major health problem. " "Chronicle of Philanthropy" reported that AUPR "... More interested in collecting wealth than in saving lives. " AUPR is the richest non-profit organizations in the world, with assets worth one billion dollars. Not surprisingly, as we constantly received the lowest value in evaluating charities. Despite their wealth, their aggressive campaign to collect money, they appear to be representative poor and complaining that they have no enough money for cancer research. In addition to high salaries and general costs, most of what remain in AUPR's budget, used for research from which directly benefit the pharmaceutical and radiology company. From studies conducted during previous 50 years, it is clear that the performance of conventional le�enja all types of major cancers, much less successful of le�enja pill with sugar. The governing board of the American Association Against Cancer, there are Manufacturers of herbicides and pesticides. Before Garrett returned to Alaska, He wanted to know another person. His name is Jay Kordia. Is known to millions as "A man of Dusova. Jay was responsible for selling juicer, worldwide, worth nearly billion dollars. Well, Gether ... I work with you since 1948 since I got cancer of the bladder. When the recall, just to be closed during the football season I've played for University of North Carolina, and I was recruited by the club "Green Bay Packer from. Then I began to have problems with urination. I began to urinate blood and learned I had a tumor in the bladder. I remember the lecture that I had at one �asu physiology, human anatomy, where I read the accident that Al. Max Gerson leei Al. Albert Schweitzer. I thought ... God! After I learned that I had cancer of the bladder, I realized that this therapy was not good enough to Dr. Schweitzer, then it is good enough for me. This juicer has saved my life until I had bladder cancer. Gerson therapy is better than I thought. Therefore, here today, for all the juice that I made. I'm still alive. And when all this happened? Man, since 1948! I advise you to enter a power plant in your body. Nothing can replace isce�ene fresh juices, which foods hundreds of billions of your cells. "Izle�eni people" "Is there hope?" Garrett is now located 10 kilometers from home. His homework is officially over. Memories of this trip is still glistened in his mind. Especially ... How could to forget his wife, which continues to work tirelessly his father, despite his resistance. She passed on lifestyle, who really cares about health, and not a plan of government agencies, created by companies for drugs. "Is there hope?" "There!" Boy really believe in hope. It is believed to have future. Believe that our problems will Environmental with which mankind Faces, lead to collective solutions. In spite of everything ... This is our only home. And we are rational human beings. "Juneau said no fluoride" Garrett was able to find hope and at the local level. Garrett was hardly waited to take their isce�en fresh carrot juice, his neighbor John. I would like to see Nauen some evidence. Our other neighbor, Bob, what milking goats and who was very skeptical, really liked what he heard. Like his wife, Until the moment ... It takes place 3 tablespoons coffee in the water klju�alu from crack and allow 10 to 12 minutes. And it is poured into the court of quarters and add the water, So to fill the whole court. Then connect the tube with her buttocks, and let the coffee pour into the buttocks. Then leave SINK to 12 minutes. I then empty the toilet seat. On the other hand, I think that this trip podu�ilo more than my son, and for that I'll be forever grateful. We'll all one day, were ready for it or not, do�ekati an end. They will no longer be going out in the sun. It will not be minutes, hours or days. All things you collected, whether they were appreciated or forgotten, nasledi�e someone else. Your wealth, fame and temporary power, umanji�e up to irrelevance. It will not be important what you owned or owed. Your spite, hatred, frustration and jealousies will finally disappear. And your hopes, ambitions, plans and commitments will pass. Victory and defeat, that you sometimes seemed so important, izblede�e. In the end there will be no matter where you are come, or which side of the tracks live. It will not be important to you beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin color will no longer be relevant. So, what will be important? As will be measured the value of your days? It will be important not what you bought but what you built. Not what you own what you have already donated. Ra�una�e is not your success, already your value. It will be important not what you learned, but what you podu�ili others. It will be important to any honest honesty, saose�ajnost, courage or sacrifice, who are wealthy, trained or encourage others follow your example. It will not be important your ability, already your character. It will not be important as people you knew, already how many will feel a lasting due to lack of your departure. It will not be important your memories but memories live to those you loved. A life that's worth, not result of circumstances rather than choice. When he was close to completion the first manuscript of his book, Al. Gerson is inexplicably ill. During recovery, which I directed, revealed, that his manuscript disappeared. Al. Gerson has sacked his machine, because it is caught to steal his documents, which prosle�ivala an immoral doctor. Al. Gerson took another year to reconstruct the manuscript for their popular classic work: "Therapy cancer, results in 50 patients. After publication of the book, Dr.. Gerson again inexplicably ill. Before he died, re-tested, which confirmed that he was poisoned with arsenic. That Dr. Gerson died the first time when they fell ill from poisoning, he and his Classical book would forever been erased from history. ... deleted forever. In his 12 years, while fleeing Nazi persecution, Charlotte Gerson is sick tuberculosis of bones, which at that time considered as a death sentence. Her father, her izle�io, and in its 86 years, Charlotte is a person with longest life in the world, that the therapy failed to izle�i. We are especially grateful to the people and the city Heins from Alaska and the Gerson Institute. The producers are grateful to appearance and its contribution: The director insists the zahvalno��u courage, time and support received by patients Gershon therapies, the recording of the film. Additional thanks to: This film is devoted to Heritage Al. Max Gerson 1881-1959 The Beautiful Truth Downloaded From st

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