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8E8 Show Ep 62 Jump!!

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Today we're talking about the S curve, but really it's jumping off the high dive. And it's looking at your business. It's looking at your marketing and asking where do I need to jump? What do I need to just take the plunge on this year? Maybe it's with marketing. Maybe you're kind of down below watching everybody else climb up the digital high dive and you're just still not sure about it but you're watching. And maybe this is the year you just need to climb up, inch your way out, and jump off. Maybe you've never done any marketing so we just need to get you on there and drag somebody up with you that can just push you off the edge and get you in that. But I think that life, whether it's business, whether it's marketing, whether it's life in general, as we look back we see these periods in our life where there was growth, that kind of building, growing phase, where things were exciting. There was energy. There was resources and momentum. I think we can also look back at places where it began to plateau and even decline. And I think what the S curve teaches us is that change doesn't have to be something that we just take and it comes at us when it happens and we're a victim of it, but that change can be intentional. And as we saw with creating a S curve on our own is just climbing up the high dive, jumping off, and creating something that's new and creating something that's exciting. And so if you're anything like me, I feel like sometimes life can tend towards typical and tend towards ordinary, and tend towards boring, and maybe that's where you're at. Maybe your marketing is tending that way. Maybe your practice has tended that way and you're like I need something. You're not even sure if you put your finger on it what that is. I'm telling you, you're probably due for a jump. And so my advice for you in 2017, climb up the high dive, inch your way out and jump.

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Posted by: studio8e8 on Mar 8, 2017

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