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Huisreiniging korte versie

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THE MEMORY OF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Many people see a building like just four walls, a roof, a floor, furniture, people, and oxygen, else we would die. But I do not think it is oxygen that lets us live. Of course it is important, a car also needs air to let it work. However, it is Chi That makes life possible at all Everything is made of Chi. and you have to imagine: you are one of these stick figures. You consist out of frequencies. You enter a building It is just like a swimming pool. If you jump into a swimming pool you will get wet. Well, if there is water in it at least. and if you enter your home, then you basically are "caught", or possessed, depending on what kind of energy there is, by the energy of that building. The memory of that building. I will explain how that works in a bit. I have had some fascinating experiences because of my work. One of those is from someone I know very well. He has had traumatic experiences when he was young, But eventually became a professional painter after many events in his life. But he was always sick, sinusitis and many other ailments. Well, he went to a number of therapists who helped him with his problems He did not paint at all at that time. However, he was a professional art painter and his home had a lovely studio, in which he has made many beautiful paintings over the years. However, when he was working in his studio, his mind was always on his childhood problems and emotions. And when he finally was free of any ailments, he thought: "Well, I can start painting again." And two days after he started painting, he is back at square one. He was depressed, had nightmares, Purely because of the memory of that attic. He went upstairs, got caught by the energy field and was back to square one. That's what the memory of a house can do to you. I am taking another step. So we have had the microwave, the cosmic memory and now we talking about the memory of your building or home. Your house has, just like the hard drive in your computer, a structure. The Chi-structure of a house can be seen as follows: The chi, the life energy, always comes through the front door and then just drifts around in large curves, through your home. And, if there is a stairs, it will go up stairs, drift around some more, go back down and exit trough the front door. So it is basically a closed system, a loop of Chi, of Life energy. You are this stick figure, and all your emotions and thoughts that you have, are exchanged with the energy of your house. and you should realise that the place you are sitting, is over a thousand years old. Everything that happened in this place in those thousand years Is somehow saved on the hard drive of the house in packages, clouds of energy and information. So you should see these as information fields. Not a spot on the floor or the ceiling or a cloud in there, But really as fields of information just hanging in your house. Just imagine a river, or a very large river seen from a plane, Which has many curves and turns.The water just slowly flows forward. But if you build a dam, or throw a big stone or a tree in a small creek, You will see that the flow of water is diverted: you get different currents, small whirlpools, the flow is disturbed. Or your blood veins for example: if you have atherosclerosis You will also be affected in a bad way. So you should just those information fields as blockades, who weaken the optimal flow of Chi. Thus affecting the quality of our lives. And everything that ever happened on that spot is saved in these information fields. And these fields tend to attract each other. just like Depressed people attract other depressed people And very bright people seek other people who are bright. And very bright people attrack other people who are bright. Everything attracts or repels other things. for what we are about to do, and what I will make you feel, You need this explanation to understand what I am doing. Later we are going to solve all of the blockades in the memory of this building. You can imagine it as a lighthouse, A very big lighthouse with 100,000 lux of right. However, the lighthouse has not been taken care of. In fact, the windows haven't been cleaned in 150 years. You can probably imagine that the whole windows are covered with sand, salt and gull poo. The windows are so dirty the light is almost completely blocked. That is how you should see those blockades. As dark spots that stop most of the light, which is what Chi is. And if you would wash the windows of that lighthouse, you can see the bright light again. Another example, imagine... A huge air balloon with a basket and lots of sandbags attached to it. That balloon stands for our life. And all those sandbags stand for all the ballast that we carry with us. And you might assume that our aim is to remove all the ballast. That is why you are here on earth, else there would be no reason to come here. So, basically, you can just trow those sand bags over board, And the balloon will go up. So these are the two pictures that are very clear to me and I use to explain what happens when you can solve your personal obstacles in life. - So let me get this straight; anyone who comes into a certain building, will leave an energy imprint behind in that building, even his own mood and thoughts? - Absolutely! Why is it then, that, when something bad happened in a house, so much energy is left behind? Is it more energy? − Well, intense energy, yes. You might be able to imagine someone who has committed suicide. That is not something someone decides on a whim, that person is probably many years, maybe even all his life... living a certain life. Acting different than he really is for example, to meet expectations, while deep inside, he is not happy at all. Such a person has all kinds of dark thoughts for many years. Who wants to get out, find a tree, hat looks ... this is a very heavy energy. If you have such energy in your home, if something alike happened in that house, or if it is a place where in the war people were executed, or example, in the dunes or in a death camp, for example Auswitsch. There are people who are sensitive enough, who literally feel what happened there. I have seen it a few times that I had an assistant with me. Who literally saw people's previous lives. Who literally saw what happened in that house, in the time that the Spaniards were there. She literally saw everything just as if she was watching a movie of what happened in that house. while everybody can sense energy fields, some people are so "talented", to say it like that, that they can actually "read" the energy, or can watch it like a movie. So all outbursts of heavy violence or emotions leave a very clear "trail" which are easier to pick up. So you can do something about that? Yes, I have noticed that I have the gift to clean those dark energies, energy fields and data fields. It is just like reinstalling a computer. If you have a computer, and use it for a while, it starts to slow down. Eventually you have to reinstall and it is back to its old self. That is a bit like the transition from the fish-era to the Aquarian era. Where we clean up our system to make the step from the fish era to the Aquarian era. It is simply taking an evolutionary step. and evolution is a very big line, and we are somewhere at the beginning of it. The trick is like this: If you are next to an elephant you will only see a gray spot While if you take some distance, you can get more information see everything and not just look at a single calender year. You can also watch a cosmic year or even a period of 2,500 years. I hope you get my view on it? Partly because of the many clearings of homes and businesses I have done. And what I want to do is make you feel what these energy spots do with you. Do you also want to change your life? Have your house cleared in a single session! Order for a free energetic health check!

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Energetische Huisreiniging, verkorte versie.

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