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Rav Berg illusion of physical matter

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We have a phenomenal story of the blessing of Isaac, of his two sons, right ? The Torah, in this week´s portion, says Isaac told his beloved son Esau, who represents not an evil person, but represents the embodiment of what we call the Sitra Ahra, Negative tought energy intelligence. The force that makes us do the wrong thing The force, that I wake up tomorrow and I say: "How did I do such a stupid thing?". And we´re all brainny. And yet, here and there, we wake up and say, "how come I didn´t see that ? It was so simple". That negative force called the Sitra Ahra it's a force that you don´t see the string on the table How come you really don't see the string on the table ? How come five minutes later you do see the string there ? There's a force that creates a curtain. A force, an evil force obviously. Now, Esau symbolizes that force. And in this week's portion it says, that Isaac tells Jacob bring me venison... go out and bring me some food, cause I wanna bless you. And the Zohar asks the question, Come on, here we just got through saying And we did get through saying it, tonight, we are not talking about a mortal human being the normal average being called Isaac We talk about a man who could control the forces of nature He couldn't see the difference between Isaac and Jacob ? I mean Jacob was the embodiment of Central Column Jacob was the embodiment of Central Column He couldn't see what he encapsulated? He saw, and he didn't see what Jacob was symbolic of? What he portrait? The Zohar raises that question, and it's true If we were talking about a normal person We could say, he can be making mistakes Isaac knew what he was doing. That is no question, he knew what he was doing. So how do you rationalize this kind of thought? In fact, the Zohar goes on to say: That on that moment As we leaned this morning {...hebrew...} In other words, if he was give the blessing an eternal blessing What do you meam "blessing"? You know "blessing" doesn't mean: "I bless you". It means a transfer, that was the laying of the hands of the Cohen, Hand healing. He literally had the power to transfer positive energy And heal, cure and everything else. And he was Isaac, the man that could control, and that all laws of nature complied with Isaac's wishes He was now going to transfer This positive force of energy to Esau to the extent that The Zohar says that evil would become eternal. I mean, didn't he realize that there was this possibility? Right? It would take us aproximatly three years to cover the answer But briefly stated, The Zohar says, I´m just gonna give you a... cause it's after all we have discuss this evening {...hebrew...} "Don't worry about this. Because this already was discursed before, and that Isaac knew everything," He knew everything. Things don't change. Where things do change, they apper to change only in an illusionary manner, And when he told Esau, you go out and I'm gonna bless you, he knew there was no affinity, there was no affinity between Esau and Isaac. And despite the fact that he told him: you go out and I´m gonna bless you, But that could never be that connection No matter what's was going to happen, No matter what your intentions can be, if they´re right, the wrong thing never comes out. You can do, as it happened in their life times, you do the most stupidest thing possible and it works out. And then the most beatiful plans that I laid And why it end up to be the greatest mud pile Does that happen? Yes. What is that indicative? That´s if in the right path, no matter what, if Esau was the one who was destined to get that blessing, And he knew that he wasn't. (Audience) So why do we say {...hebrew...} That's right. Exactly {...hebrew...} because in Isaac's mind, his power, that he posses, could only connect with an affinity of power. {...hebrew...} that was to reconcile itself. Wich can connect, if Esau was in essence. That's why we say: "never judge", never say that this person is bad or good. Well, if he's bad, go and help him. If he's good, help him. And what happens if you don't know if he's good or bad? What should you do? Help him. But if I help him, than I perpetuate the evil within the individual, Don't worry. He may connect with the illusionary 1% But with the internal, that you can't fool the 99%. We thing that we can. Maybe he's not watching. But you see these atoms? I don't see them but they never make mistakes. You make the best planes, right? And they turned out into a mud. And a week later, right? A week later, boy it might ended, that I didn't that way, right? But that´s was a stupid way I've done it That was a stupid way of done it and it worked out. Because there's a totality here, of tomorrow with today, and yesterday. What does it all depend on? Where you head is. All of that physical manifestation of good or evil is not good, and not evil. It's only evil for where someone's head is in an evil frame of mind, then is evil. But you know the market goes up, and the market goes down For one is always a blessing, and for one is always a curse. The same thing. Is the market bad for everybody when it goes up? Is the market good for everyone when it goes up? Is it bad for everyone when it goes down? Things are so relativy, that we have to come to one conclusion, That everything on a physical corporeal reality level is really an illusion. Cause you can't say it's all bad, you can't say it's all good. So it turned all bad, Two days later you realise, that what turned out bad thank God it turned that way because that was good, It happens all the time. So what is good depends only in one thing, where your head is. If you head is right, you're sharing, you're restricting, Don't worry about what happens. You could sit in a chair and all happens by itself. Let the atoms do the work for you. The Kabbalah Center™ learn transform connect

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