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Police and Army shoot protesters in Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

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?You would ask me why did the army come yesterday The army came after a personal request .made by the Minister of Interior .and after approval from the supreme leader of the armed forces Only to help the police force protect the Ministry of Interior .No more than that .The army did not come to dispel a sit in Neither did it come to disperse protesters from Tahrir Square !!!??Army General: GIVE ME A KISS !Protesters:No no we already know this game .Army General:Please, Please do it for me Protester:Sir, we were standing with your soldiers, and they shot us !!Protester:Your soldiers shot us .Army general:I'll go to them over there *Protesters don't allow him to pass through* !?Who gave the orders to dispel the sit in Army General:Its ok its ok Protester: What do you mean by "Its Ok?" This is a clear question. Could you please answer?m !?Protester: Didn't you say that you came to talk to us Army General: I'll go to the other side Protester: No no no no .The people, demand, downfall of the field marshal Anchor: What kind of collaboration is there between the army and the police Anchor: Is there even collaboration Minister of Interior:Yes there is And the forces that came here are only here to protect the ministry .because this ministry represents the prestige of the country Minister:I am telling you that so far we haven't attacked any protester Minister: We only do if some try to pass over the barriers and reach for the ministry .These are strict orders from the ministry because violence begets violence and this is unacceptable Therefore none of them(Police) uses violence I am still saying and reassuring for the 50th time, that we haven't shot one single bullet because the clashes have been going on for three days now in Mohamed Mahmoud near the ministry ?Did anyone get slightly injured by a cartridge bullet from us ?Or did anyone get injured by a live bullet Protesters: You Mother Fuckers! Carry with me Minister: It never happened that anyone got injured. These are all false accusations Where did you get hit?m Get back! Get back! Get back There are people praying!

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Country: Egypt
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Posted by: mostafawael on Aug 5, 2013

Police and Army shoot protesters in Mohamed Mahmoud street in November 2011.

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