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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~17:04:05 - 17:20:15

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(inaudible) ♪ Oh ♪ —Oh, this instrument, again? —This instrument is fucked up, man. —This instrument, again, there is more... —I don't even know the name of this shit. —Have you seen it, Gi? The instrument again, this one, look. It was all made by this crazy dude. Yo, Zenga, dad is downstairs. —Lucas. (inaudible) —I wanna see you sing, man. —Me? Singing? ♪ Ai, ai, ai ♪ —The boys are getting the project. —Yeah, the project he's making? This one, back home. The boys are making his project happen. The boys from the hood. (inaudible) ♪ And once again I won't prevent myself from sleeping♪ ♪ The newspapers won't inform anymore ♪ ♪ The images aren't as clear♪ ♪ As life ♪ ♪ I'll ease up the pain and won't Lose sight of the kids ♪ ♪ Sight of the kids ♪ ♪ Sight og the kids ♪ ♪ A dream of having a family ♪ ♪The everyday dream Family ♪ ♪ It's who you choose to live with ♪ ♪It's who you choose for you ♪ ♪ You don't need to have the same blood ♪ ♪ It always takes a little more than chemistry ♪ —With whom did you play... last week? It was a guy with dreadlocks, man, I saw him at Nove e Meia... He had a band, what's the name of the band, it's... Tecível. -Last week... —When was it? -Yeah...last Sunday. You were standing next to me, is that it? -I have no idea, man. The guy with dreadlocks, man. The name of the band... I met them at Nove e Meia. Wanted to play with you. Don't you remember him? —Oh, only if you mean next month, I guess. It's gonna be at the Cultural Centre in São Paulo, down on Vergueiro. It's an event on Vergueiro. (inaudible) -'Sup, what's the next blowing sound? -Dunno. -Gimme the remote. -What are you playing? —Nação. Well, I'll continue the dreadlocks, and then finish up some parts. -Sorry? (inaudible) -The dreadlocks, I'll define them later. Define them all. ♪ Ai, ai, ai ♪ -Yo, the vowels helped Rappa. -Sorry? The vowels, right? O, A, E. -The vowels... —Everything is'Ah', 'Oh' in Rappa's lyrics. ♪ Oh, Oh, Oh Ai, ai, ai ♪ There's only vowels on Rappa's album. -He's cool. ♪ Oh, oh, oh, my brother. ♪ When the tide is high When the tide is high ♪ ♪ Take a shower... ♪ -Met this girl in Vila Olímpia, from Pernambuco, she had...a bar... (inaudible) Called me up. I said 'oh, shit, what does she want'? Said 'yo, have a drink with me'. (inaudible) The guy went to Chico Science's concert, it was at Anhembi, Cássia Eller went as well. Sang this tune. It was rad. -Cássia Eller too? -Yeah. -Did you bring it? Fuck. The girl called me to hang out again... I said 'Hold on, I'll get my jacket', got in the studio, some girls were over there were like 'yo, sketch one for me, real quick'... -Put Samba de Lado, put Samba de Lado. Two. ...the girl wasn't there anymore. Stood her up. -Yo, click there, on DVD, man. Click on DVD. Then play. You know what you're doing, man. -Put the guitar. -Oh, fuck. -Opening with the guitar. -Just add more power, man. -The tax is there. -I remember the boys playing at Coquelounge, it was awesome. Maracatu, crazy...shit. -Oh, maracatu is everything, man. Maracatu is spiritual too. It invokes. Invokes hard. -The drums scare you and who was in the front. -No, not really scare, but it's a load of energy, boom! The heart races, man. ♪ I remember almost everything I know ♪ ♪ And by organizing ideas I remember I forgot everything ♪ ♪ But, I listen to samba ♪ ♪ And you samba on which side which side do you samba ♪ ♪ You samba on which side which side do you samba ♪ ♪ Which side, which side you will sambar ♪ ♪ And you samba on which side which side do you samba ♪ -Chico Science is really missed, huh. -Oh, yeah. A big loss to Brazilian Popular Music. —This man is the dope, his music is here to represent. -Same blood. -Pretty hard. -The dope, right, man? —Pretty hard. The next version is gonna be awesome. That's it for today, bro. It's good already, ok.. -Ya bet, man. —Ok? That's it for today. —Nah, fine by me. Finish it up. Yo, it's getting excellent. -Let me clean this up better. —Yo, man, getting pretty good, huh? -Then they'll lock me up. -Say like this, look... -I wanna see it, it'll be difficult to locku you up, huh? -Hold on, hold on. —Done? ♪ Look at the zambo by your side ♪ ♪ By your side, look at the zambo Look at the zambo, look at the zambo ♪ My dad flips with these tattoos, did ya see? Look, are you sure it won't cause you problems and...? I wanted to donate blood, now only after two years. -If you don't get tattooed, right? -Huh? If I don't get tattooed, yeah. -Giving blood helps with this zit thing, you know? -It thins up this boy. -I think it's just your impression. -I think it's oily things. -I don't think so, because I've cut many things already. -What do you mean? -I've stopped eating many things, I've quit... There was a time I was just eating... I didn't eat meat, man. No, but maybe it's not even meat, maybe it's something else you're eating. —That isn't good and I'm not aware. —Yeah, that is making you... (inaudible) -Here, look, it only happens here, man. A liter of alcohol, the guys couldn't... ...lit the fire yet. -Whoa. -Soon, everybody will leave, and the meat will still be here. I'm taking it home, man. (inaudible) (inaudible) -Getting awesome, huh? -Yeah! It'll be. -I'll get more bepanthol, my bepanthol is finishing. -Putting on some bepanthol here? -Where's the tape? Did the guys get the tape? -Masking tape, have you got it? -I got scotch tape. I forgot it. Man, the guys had some around here. Can I borrow this one? -Have you got it? -Over there. -Here, bro. Found it, I couldn't find it. -Hold on. You can't move around. -I can move my arms. I'll cut it over there. -Are you going to the favela? -Are ya? -Real fast. -I'll see if the guys from the project are still there, I can check it out now. Gotta put more in the arm. Tighten it over here. Are you getting the 9mm? Isn't there 6? Hold on, 7? -Damn. -I got 3 and on the back. I got 10. -At once? But with the needle? -No. —With needle or with scalpel? -With the needle, for real? -Then, they put that... ...kinda stick, ya know, cuts everything at once. The first one was painful; the second hurt less. -You're a real warrior. -The second didn't heal yet. (inaudible) -No, then he told me to wait 15 days so I could get the 9mm. -No, I said I wanted... ...that ear gauge. Get the 10mm already. I don't want the 12mm. -Stop on this one. -Yeah, me too. I'll take it off to sleep, I saw that by sleeping with it it stopped stretching, man. That's why it's (inaudible). -I'm just letting this one here. -Sorry? -I'm just letting this one here too. If not, it's more trouble. -Lucky you that there's tape. -When can I take it off? -Huh? (inaudible) -I think it's all right, yeah? -It's good. I think I'll pull a bit. (inaudible) your house, man. -Huh? -A liter of alcohol is going down the grill, man. -It's because I wasn't there, right, man. (inaudible) I didn't get it. -Where's my shirt? Sorry? No, it's cold, man. Not happening. -No, I'm not going, man. -Where are the options? -Hold on, hold on. Couldn't lit up, because they're all newbies. -It's the guy that works... -Oh, sorry. -It's busy. -Sorry. Robocop!

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Getting a tattoo.

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