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3_I am Shakti- Acid attack survivor Laxmi, Kiran Bedi

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Welcome you are watching Aaj Tak! Myself Anjana Om Kashyap with you today. 'I am Shakti' is just not an abnegation, it's an effort for change. And this change, can be achieved only if we move towards conciliation and solution. Yes, we are yet again in front of you, boys, girls, all are present with us today, but we have 2 very remarkable guests with us today on the show, who have set examples, who have found ways, and we will talk about finding solutions today, With a big round of applause welcome Laxmi, she is an acid attacked survivor and she has faced camera on television after the incident delivered news to you and manifested, that if anyone aspires then any hurdle be it be anything becomes petite. Kiran Bedi is with us, former IPS officer, very special guest, who with her work, her passion, has enforced many girls to esteem that there is always a way and we should move ahead to reach our destination because.. Even boys.. Also boys, everyone infact everyone.. have inspired everyone that they move towards their goal. So, I want all of you to ask as many questions as you can and learn from their experiences. But before that, Laxmi we want to know from you this has been a very difficult time for you but you decided to over come this. It is not very easy to see your own parts of your face getting melted on your own hands. But after that you melted the ways and stones, how did this happen? Exactly.. I have had a lot of support of my parents with me and when I saw myself for the first time, in front of the mirror, it was a big challenge for me because right now, at least you all can look at me but at that time, it was impossible to see me face had become too adverse. Frequent surgeries were done. But my parents gave a lot of strength and after sometime when we filed the case in supreme court and after some time, after 3 years when I stepped out it was the biggest challenge for me. And after that, after I stepped out I endured from within, that why should I hide my face and walk? For what? I desired to walk with my face open and when I did so, I had to face a lot of, a lot of people a lot.. even the society in front of us every one was there, said a lot When I pursued my course, for that as well, people wanted me to sit in between the four walls, and keep crying, and that was it. But no, I felt what I want to do, I will do and my parents are with me, and people who spoke negative things to me, I didn't ignore their conversation, instead took it happily and positively, followed it, I said, that people do not spare good people then how will they spare me, for me it was a big challenge, I came out-and-out and here I am today in front of you. Kiran Ji it is very privileging that you are sitting and the youth can hear you. What would you like to tell them to motivate them if you can share synopsis of your entire life and experiences with them. Every day grow, grow every day. The place you were yesterday, Plants grow every day, plant doesn't stand still, that's why they are fruitful. You have to grow every day. And how will you grow? With education, with environment, with experience, with such capabilities and such strength, with motivational instances, And today even our Prime Minister, is talking about this cleanliness. Presently he is talking about physical cleaning, but actually this is about total cleaning, and that is why he has intruded in yoga He did yoga at United Nations and what is yoga? Mental cleanness, physical cleanness, spiritual cleanness. So, when we talk about cleanliness, we take healthy portions means, sunshine, air & cleanliness. I have perceived that, make hygiene and cleanness mantra of your life cleanness in everything, then you'll be never weak. You will become stronger. After Nirbhaya, people got unified at India Gate, how many of you participated in that?? Some of you were present, do you think that makes a difference? I want more and more questions to be raised. Please raise your hand. Pass the mic to him. Please ask your question. Good evening Ma'am, my question to you is, that these days, very often, such atrocity & violence are happening with girls even after this, acids are sold openly in markets, means there is no prohibition on such things shouldn't the government take steps for it or what should be done? So that there is a control on acids. What do you mean by acids? All these acids, which are used in acid attacks these days, I mean those. Very stern orders against such acids has been passed by high court & supreme court. Firstly there will be licenses, you cannot store more than needed, after that there are rules of SDM, that they will go and check stocks. Even you can be a decoy, you can become a decoy and ask for this acid, from the shopkeeper, if he gives you the acid you immediately call 100 and ask for checking his records. Tell me how many people present here are going to do this? For acid, you going to a shop. It's very simple. And some of you are aspiring journalists as well. You should be doing this. A very simple thing she has suggested. And during that, disguise yourself as a female and a male not 2 males or 2 females. So go like that. And become a decoy and go, you will get to know, that this prevention, and ask them, after you get the acid that are you aware about judgment, court's judgments? Aware of regulations? Has anyone ever examined your stocks? I am a school teacher of a government school, it's a girl's school, You don't seem to be Ma'am there are no boys only girls. No no.. You don't look like a teacher. You don't look like a teacher. Yea, please say. Ma'am the girls of eleventh and twelfth standards, some things happens at this age, in teenage the teacher who teaches them, they are like, you talk to boys, you are ill mannered, will call your parents, and even, once, what happened was there was a boy standing outside the gate and a girl is standing inside the gate, and they are abusing each other, and the teacher gets inside the gate saying that I will not take the responsibility if some misconduct happens behind my back. If teacher will only teach such a thing, what will you expect out of children? Where do teachers come from? They are one of you all, they also belonged to a school, a college, and did they never had self-study? Did they read the books correctly? You see, it's back to your own responsibility. How we shape our personality, how we build ourselves as a teacher. Ma'am my question to you is I live here in a hostel in Noida, the thing that offends me is that, we are told, after 7:30 or 8' o clock we cannot go outside. But even teachers are not saying anything wrong because, we have noticed that, after 7:30 or 8 we see very few girls of our age. So, what should I do for this either I don't go out or I should fight against it and ask the teachers, that shouldn't we go outside? Firstly, since childhood the place we have come out form, the problem lies in there. That we are there, they are also worried, that if something goes wrong with this child then the entire responsibility or hostel will face complications, lot of crimes are taking place, we cannot deny that crimes are not happening and the ones who are executing those crimes, are our own friends not any out-lander. I have noticed, whenever there's a crime it is not executed by a stranger, because they are afraid, crimes are enacted by our own friends who come in front of us as a criminal. We have to realize, and we keep ourselves in deception that this friend is invulnerable we only encourage them to commit crimes, but at first time only if you go against his crime then you will build your own trust, so it will depend on you whether you should be going out or not. Laxmi, I want you to answer with your personal experience as well even you would have never imagined that the person you denied for friendship, will go to such an extent. Presently, everyday I am working for acid attack survivors, every time I have noticed, that the culprit is not an unknown person I was 15, when he attacked me, and he was 32 years old boy, and we knew each other for two and a half years, we were like families, from their as well as our side. When he started liking me, and I couldn't speak about it at home, because I was a girl, I couldn't even say because they would have stopped my education, I wouldn't have been able to fulfill my dreams, because I was a girl, this was the biggest problem with me my family was not ready to understand, So, the most important thing is whatever I have experienced in these 9, 9.5 years of my incident, and all other cases is that, from very beginning, we spend maximum time with our parents, so it is even the responsibility of our parents, we only cannot be at fault, our elders can also be wrong. So, it's our right to speak to them, till when we will sit cowardly in front of our parents? We have to talk to them, we have to inform them, about what is correct and what is incorrect. And by doing this, you can prevent yourself from unfortunate things, just by sharing with your parents because if you share with your friends, he is also of your age, he might also be fearful with certain things he will probably over think and by that you will waste a lot of time, so share it with your parents, and inform them, and if you don't want to do so, then at present, there are many other people to help, you can take their help, if you are alone, because even I was unable to, and today I realized that there are many people who can help us, but we have bring that strength from our self to help our-self. A big round of applause, because she has been fighting consistently and is also working for the aid of acid attack survivors. Inside the college even outside the college I witness many acts like, boys are passing comments, So, ma'am I wander what should I do in that situation, because they are elder to me, I can't fight so, what should I do? Do you have a union of a school or class? Yes, we have a college union, but whom should I speak to? Do you have class representatives? Class representatives are there, I am myself CR but.. this should come in student leadership. The doers are outsiders, they are very kinky and are goons. There are 2 angles to this- first, if school children are doing this, and others are outsiders, outsiders can also be dealt with student union, the meaning of student union & student leadership is, that they take up such issues, and if they witness that such things are happening outside the school, then there is a solution to that, the solution is to inform the police, so that they come and do the necessary cleanness and also punish such boys. Ma'am, as you said, that the movies have lot of impact definitely, the movies, the songs which are being released, the concept of patriarchal society, the movie is based completely on those perceptions and institutions. There are hero dominated movies, the way they objectify women, so, this ratio of influence, the negative impact, is much more than the positive impact due to these movies. So, what will you say on this? Watch selectively, listen selectively. This is very important, why to waste time? Value your time, and invest your time only where you can perceive sensible things, don't let your time just flow, don't let it flow, invest your time. Have you all seen Mary Kom? Yes ma'am Go and watch such movies and make others watch so, go for such selective movies, not like, whatever movie releases, let's go for first day first show! Isn't your 3 hours valuable to you? And listening; "this song is in trend, play this song" switch it off Be in charge of everything be in control. Thank you to both of you, and to all of you too So, your strength lies within you you have to identify it, you have to find your work and ways along with it, as Kiran Ji explained, Whenever you face any obstruction in work then that can become your most powerful strength Absolutely! This you have to build. Build your path, without halting the flow of water.

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3_I am Shakti- Acid attack survivor Laxmi, Kiran Bedi

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