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Zeus:We finally unlocked our bikes Zeus:We're in Montreal, Canada if you didn't know Zeus:Me ceh9, Edward just riding dem bikes Edward:Let's go Zeus:Let's go, don't brake then Zeus:This dinger is to your left Shame Shame Shame Zeus:Shifting to 3rd Zeus:The air is clean here, no difference from U.S really Zeus:Beautiful as always Zeus:I would go to the center of the city Zeus:We're preparing for ESWC for those who don't know ceh9:I'm on 3rd Zeus:Me too ceh9:SUBSRIBE TO NAVI CSGO ceh9:Best bike riding is there Zeus:Yeah, subscribe to Na'Vi CS:GO Zeus:Someone will subscribe Edward:Let's go to the park Edward:Gotta go uphill Zeus:Let's go Zeus:ESWC starts on 10th, today is 8th, so we can ding ding ding Zeus:A lot of bike riders here, and not only here, it's kind of popular around the world "Passes on red light" Zeus:Edward we don't give a crap Zeus:Work that ass ceh9 Zeus:Vanya saw a dog and now he is shocked Zeus:Very cool here indeed Zeus:Vanya did you figure out wtf is there? ceh9:How much storage you got in your GoPro? Zeus:32GB bro ceh9:Is that a lot? Zeus:Enough to shoot how you're riding a bike Zeus:And just show the streets of Montreal ceh9:4th gear would've been useful here Zeus:Us, old farts can't ride anymore Zeus:Lift yo ass Zeus:Going downhill will be sweet Zeus:What's that mansion over there? Zeus:Work your ass on camera Edward, people are watching Zeus:Technological advancement going downhill on the right Zeus:ceh9 everyone is overtaking us:( Zeus:Is that a football(soccer) field? Zeus:Kids are playing there Zeus:We're almost done going uphill Zeus:What now Zeus:We did it!(Reddit) Zeus:Parks are on both sides it looks like Zeus:I'd love to drink some water Zeus:Look ceh9, what is this monument? ceh9:To big Montreal, or maybe their king Zeus:It's a GIRL Zeus:An angel Zeus:Kids <3 Zeus:Our kids would be swimming here without panties Zeus:It's good out here, great park Zeus:Edward showing dem skills Edward:Left, I am doing a U-Turn Zeus:And what next? Edward:Straight or left ceh9:Are your brakes good? Zeus:Mediocre Zeus:Vanya be careful Zeus:Oh it's a multi purpose film ceh9:I will borrow your GoPro later Zeus:Only if you will be a good boy Zeus:Why not Edward, we'd visit each other often if our houses were close Zeus:And we'd have tons of fans, and then we'd buy the whole borrow Zeus:Where are you going Vanya Zeus:Let's go boys Zeus:Ram that bitch Zeus:Dude's in shock Zeus:Nice bike, and shoes Zeus:Everybody knows me already

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