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Bill Manis Employee Spotlight - Vogler Ford - March 2018

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[Meet Our Team!] [Bill Manis] How long have you worked for Vogler? Just turned 28 years. My anniversary date was the 13th of this month. - Wow, cool! - Yeah. So, what’s your favorite thing about your job? The people. - Yeah? - Helping the people, getting to meet new people all the time. - That’s cool! - That’s always nice. So, you like to cook a lot, - I see? - Yes, I do. As the Segue there, I like to cook and I like to eat. What’s your favorite thing to cook? It doesn’t matter. I just like to dabble. - Yeah? Just like to experiment? - Yeah, experiment. Everybody’s my guinea pigs. - So… - What’s your favorite food to eat? I’ve got an awful lot of foods, I like to eat. It’s obvious – I wear it every day. Out of all the cars you’ve owned, which was your favorite? Oh, that’s a tough one, Wbecause I’ve owned a lot of cars over the years. Probably, the one I just got rid of not too long ago - it was a 1995 Ford Taurus with 199,000 miles on it. - Wow! - It was a great car. - Yeah. - Great car! And, my wife said it looked like an old man’s car, Wand I said, “That’s because I am.” So, I don’t care. Okay. If you could change your name to any name, what would it be? - Or, you’re happy with the one you’ve got? - Oh, I’m fine, you know. - Yeah. - It rolls off the tongue fine. Yeah, just that our last name - the spelling - you know, it’s a long ‘A’, and I said, what they should have done is, it’s M-A-N-I-S; they should have spelled it M-A-Y-N-I-S. - Yeah. - That way, it would be May-nis. What’s its ethnicity - do you know? - Irish Scottish German, a little bit of mix, - Yeah. you know, Mutt, in some part. - Okay. - So… Out of all the cars we sell, which do you recommend the most? Any one that I’m showing. No, there’s a lot of good cars. - It just depends on what your need is. - Yeah. You know? That’s not going to fit for everybody. - Alright. - So, it’s got to be the one that fits their needs, not mine. - Cool! - Yeah.

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