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Practicality, he itself teach you:Self Honesty when Bumping in the Cow in the Shop

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Practical Self Honesty with the Cow in the Shop This is 'practicality' and, I am here to communicate about 'practical self-honesty with a cow in the shop' let me explain you are (smile) in a shopping center, doing some, everyday 'shopping' for, the necessities, in the household, to be able to, exist and survive and you're walking merrily, along the way, preoccupying your mind 'thinking' about, this and that when, all of a sudden, you accidentally 'bump', into another human being and you bump, not noticing, 'or' even noticing that bump all of a sudden, the being you bumped into, says: That stupid cow! can't she not see! where she's walking! Now, the question: What do you do, in such a moment? do you respond? do you react? how do you 'handle', such a moment? Firstly if you 'react' within you, in that very moment realize, Stop apply self-forgiveness, because, 'if you are' going to speak from that reaction within you you are going to feed the being who you bumped into's, mind system including "your mind system" and then 'play the game', of the unified consciousness field I would suggest, if you react within you in anyway whatsoever, Stop (inhale) breathe, apply self-forgiveness, and continue 'because' it is very fascinating that, within the unified field, such moments are, actually, 'designed' Why? because, it is even in 'such simple moments' within this world, that within which the minds of human beings are, 'generated' so if you, would have obviously, responded or reacted to the being you would have ignited more emotions, and thoughts! and the mind systems would have been (clash) and the systems would have went: Aha So, if you react when a being 'bumped' when you bumped into a being and a being calls you: 'a stupid cow' breathe, walk on, apply self-forgiveness now you have to self honest look within you Why, did you react? in that very moment understand that, whenever if you reach in such a moment you were 'not aware', in the moment of breathe 'Here' that's the first reason why you would have bumped in, to that being 'in the first place' the other reason of course is, is that you find you do 'the same', and now what you, do onto others 'are now being done onto you' and then you'll become angry and attempt and trying to "blame" the being that is doing it to you instead of realizing that they are similar ways that you 'do the exact same thing' - in your thoughts, but you don't speak it and the anger or reaction comes in is when this being's actually "spoken", but you only speak it in your minds, always how does this being dare speak it aloud to me! I do it in my thoughts! How dare! that this being do that Alright, Now lets swap 'roles' you're a being standing, having a conversation with another being, in the shop, 'mall', street wherever, 'and' the being bumps into you now if you were not aware in that moment of conversation, and the being bumped into you you would react in anger, or frustration or irritation, which is also of the mind because, the mind is now "busy", it does not want to be disturbed and this 'bump' disturbed and then you 'react' and you say, to the being walking passed to you: Stupid cow! or You damn bastard! or, Can't you fucking see where you're walking! or etc. now realize that, human beings, all human beings 'bumped' into other human beings alright? So when you bumped into a human being or when another human being bumped into you you "don't know whether maybe", you know, you were possibly in the way of that being because other beings are walking pass that (above) way and, 'the bump', accidentally occurred, or when there is someone else accidentally walk into the other being's way and then because of that, you know you bumped into "someone" so it's all "accidents" that occurred but, realize and understand that if any reaction occurred within you it's minded you have to self-honesty look within you, Why, did you 'react'? so either, you're not aware in that moment, and that bump was necessary for you to go Ug oh, awareness of 'self - Here' and you simply say: I apologize or laugh about it! (laugh) I am sorry I bumped into you or yes, so there's many reasons, why reactions could occurred when a bump is experienced when you actually bump into someone but human beings, everyone 'bumps' into everyone else, because this is a 'huge world', with 'billions' of people on this planet, so 'naturally', in very enclosed places 'bumps' will occur all you do is (inhale) breathe, calmly if you react, apply self-forgiveness immediately 'do not respond'! it is not, necessary to respond realize that if a being calls you 'a stupid cow', or a 'bastard' or placed, a 'comment', on why you bumped because of 'their reaction', and you react, together play the game "Don't play the unified field game", just Stop, immediately Alright, that is all I have, for practical self-honesty for the 'cow in the shop' Thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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