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Elemental Trailer

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[goproject films] [water splashing] [♪sustained note♪] [male speaker] All of our knowledge as human beings comes from nature because we're part of nature. [♪♪] [female speaker] They're killing us. This massive pipeline needs to be stopped. [crowd chanting] Protect our rights... [male speaker] Global warming is an out-of-control environmental experiment. We can't mess with the atmosphere. What are we doing here? This is getting a bit dangerous. [♪♪] [male speaking foreign language] [I've never seen such things] [by the banks of the Ganges river.] [♪♪] [I feel so ashamed.] [♪♪] [Three Stories] [♪♪] [male speaker] Whenever I see a problem or invent a new solution, I immediately think, "Well, how does nature do that?" [♪♪] This is nature's blueprint. [female speaker] Tar Sands. It's the largest man-made industrial project on the planet, bigger than the size of England and Wales combined, and these chemicals are leaching into the river systems. [♪♪] [male speaking foreign language] [The government has totally failed.] [♪♪] [Today, I feel that] [in order to purify the Ganges we need to start a war.] [♪♪] [Three Continents] [male speaker] Is there a silver bullet to global warming issues? We have a device here that can cool down the planet. [male speaker] There have been some traditional engineers that think you're full of it. [♪♪] [people shouting] [Stop meddling in our business here!] [Go clean some other city! Who do you think you are?] [♪♪] [One Commitment To Change] Nature is always optimistic. [♪♪] [female speaker] This movement isn't just about my people. It's about the future of the human species and all species on this planet. [♪♪] [shouting - crowd responding] [♪♪] [ELEMENTAL] []

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Posted by: global on Jun 15, 2012

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