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Who is Suso? I'm 6-years-old and I live in La Loma. In the library I discovered a story that is even better than fairy tales. Imagine my surprise when I saw "Filthy Suso" speaking with the librarian about things from the past ... I didn't know that here they let dirty people enter, when they scold me if they see me enter with my ball. Because I was staring, a girl told me ... This man is very important ... Important? I couldn't believe it. I'll leave you with the story here to see if you guys believe it for yourself. Suso's parents donated to the city the land where we now have the church, library, and high school of La Loma. Today Suso's house is falling apart. And I've seen him picking up recyclable bottles with his limited vision ... He has lost everything: his vision, his youth, his family, and his house. But even so, he still wakes up every morning with a smile on his face ... This is something that has to do with gratitude and human dignity ... To guarantee that at 78-years-old he can be in a house with sufficient conditions so that he doesn't get wet when it rains ... ... so that he has plumbing ... We should recognize the gesture made by his parents. Credits Produced by Catalina Restrepo Martinez Gabriel Jaime Vanegas M Technical Consulting Alfredo Marulanda R Gabriel Jaime Vanegas M Catalina Restrepo Martinez Jonathan Garcia Cirque Du Soleil Thanks to Professor Avaro Ramírez O. ConVerGents Group HiperBarrio Collective A project of Rising Voices La Loma - San Cristobal Medellin - Colombia 2007

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Duration: 3 minutes and 57 seconds
Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: HiperBarrio
Director: HiperBarrio
Views: 771
Posted by: oso on Dec 19, 2007

A video production by HiperBarrio, a citizen's media outreach project of Rising Voices based in Medellin, Colombia. This video tells the story of "Suso" a well known personality in the community of La Loma San Javier.

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