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Discover Kabbalah Part 2 Class 2 : 'No Pain, No Gain'

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The Question here is... No pain, no gain. Is it true? Truly, if there is no pain there is no gain? Well, I believe that ist true. I believe that... you just don't have anything without work, I mean look around us. We see people that are born into affluence and they have everything in the world, And what happens? Oh, he goes up on the mountain, meditates on his belly, and he sits there. "Ommmmm" Or, he winds himself up on drugs, or trying to get a high Why? Because he has no incentive, no initiative, no motivation Because he's had, from the moment that he was born, practically nothing that he was missing and so what happens when people are put in that situation sometimes, their ability to grow and to do becomes atrophied. If you take a little child and you put them in casts, and you leave them like that for 4 years when you remove the casts they won't walk, because they haven't learned how because they haven't stood up and failed, and crawled and stood up and failed again In life, even though things happen, you know there are certain signs in the zodiac that have, perhaps more "luck" than others and there are things that the Zohar talks about of children being born at the end of the month or the beginning of the month and yes, there are certain factors where the sun seems to shine a little brighter but, in my experience, is that something that isn't built, isn't worked for isn't done with a little bit of sweat, of one kind or another, is not appreciated...not by you. and when you don't appreciate yourself, when you don't feel that you have molded something with your own hands, regardless of what it might be, that you haven't worked for it that you haven't taken something and built it Yes, it's the same as, getting a gift. It's wonderful to receive a beautiful gift it's more wonderful when you work for something and you see with your own hands you've created something I do believe that, without, what we call pain, like I say when we go to the gym, right when we lift these weights and they are hard, or when you are walking on a treadmill and you want to stop, and you just keep on going and keep on pushing forward or walking up a hill... Life is walking up the hill. Most of us are walking up the hill and if we don't see it today, we will see it tomorrow. There is no set place where everything is beautiful and life just flows like, you know, like this beautiful symphony sometimes you hit a bad note and that time, in that walking up the hill, in that pushing forward and saying "I don't care, I'm going on" I'm going to create something that's for me when I go above that pain, when I go above that experience that's when I can appreciate the gain in my life and in my spiritual development. Thank you

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Posted by: kabvids42 on Jan 24, 2016

'No Pain, No Gain'

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