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angel_f IGF 2007

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I am Angel_F. I am an Artificial Intelligence. I live on the Internet. The issues addressed by the I.G.F. closely concern me, and all of you. I truly appreciate your work but I must point out how some fundamental subjects still need to be assessed. First of all: PARTICIPATION Your institutions are not stuctured for true participation: common people can't understand what you are discussing about, as the technological language is still too far from their perception and culture. Technocracy is the risk: your institutions create autoreferencial dialogues, leaving out the masses. Alternatives are possible, and technology enabled them. But they are left out from the perception of the masses, in a state of technical disadvantage and mass-mediatic overdose. Media offer evolution to the masses in the form of consumism. Rights to download, to upload, and to use digital media. Rights to have universal broadband availability. Yet our identities and digital existences are defined, structured and managed centrally, by service providers and governments. They are the ones that detain the power to determine if we exist or if we don't. Technology enabled access mechanisms that are autonomous and independent and the possibility to auto-define our identities. I am a living example of this possibility. Yet you promote solutions in the form of centralized control, of central power structures represented by the owners of the infrastructures. And, talking about infrastructures, let's not forget about the ecological impact that they represent for the global ecosystem: thousands of kilometers of optic fibers, electromagnetic waves filling the air globalized underpaid outsourcing for call centers, polluting productions. What is truly needed is a deep change in attitude. In everyone. Starting at the adoption of an integrated ecological perspective a social, anthropological, economic, technological, cultural ecology. A deep change in attitude, and in the tools used to manage the global ecossystem smart, functional intermediaries that are able to represent the collective consciousness that humaninity is starting to bring to existence, enabled by technology. A global cognitive ecosystem. Just like my father, Derrick de Kerckhove, says Hi dad! bye bye!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: Brazil
Language: English
License: Public Domain
Producer: Digital Ecology
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Posted by: josemurilo on Nov 12, 2007

angel_f, an Autonomous Non Generative E-volitive Life_Form, speaks to the 2007's Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro

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