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Kio estas RSS kaj kiel ĝi estas utila?

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RSS is a tool for subscribing to particular websites. To show you what I mean, let's compare two ways of surfing the net. This is what most people do when they want to check out a website they type the address in their browser or click their bookmarks They wait to see if the website has been updated This is inefficient and is like going across a city to pick up a single magazine when you are actaully interested in reading several You have to go to the effort for each page If you're lucky you will find that one update and get to read it. But what usually happens is you come all this way and you see nothing new! If you keep doing this, it's a lot of timewasting and frustration! This is why RSS comes in useful! Do you recognize this symbol? It comes in many shapes and forms and you will have seen it on a website already, perhaps without paying much attention to it When you add these RSS feeds to a feed reader you can access all the new articles from all your sites in just one place There are lots of good readers available and you probably have one in your browser or email program already! Let's imagine that every day I check these websites; facebook - to see some friend's status updates an interesting blog, a news site, and searches on an accommodation website and on Google If I look at each one there might ne nothing new Or even worse - I could get sidetracked and waste time But each one of these websites has an RSS feed for what I want So I take these and put them in my favourite reader, Google Reader Then that's just one place to go to when I want to see all my updates! There are so many websites with RSS and it is a much more useful way of using the Internet If you enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe to MY website's RSS feed! You can find more information and useful links in this video's description Enjoy reading!!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 20 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Argentina
Language: Esperanto
Producer: Benio Levis
Director: Benio Levis
Views: 1,058
Posted by: irishpolyglot on Jan 21, 2009

Ĉu vi iam domandis al vi kiel aboni al la ĝisdatigoj de retpaĝo? Ĉu vi jam vidis la RSS-an simbolon sen scii kion signifas?

RSS estas en la tuta Interreto, sed multe da homoj eĉ ne scias kio ĝi estas! En tiu ĉi filmeto mi klarigas ĝin dum mi kuras tra Bonaero!
Jen kelkaj ligiloj kiuj povas esti utilaj post rigardi la filmeton: Kiel uzi Google Reader , Google Alerts por la RSS-fluoj de serĉadoj de Google, kaj ĉie vi nur devas serĉi la RSS-simbolon por aboni!
Se vi ŝatis la filmeton, skribu komenton en mia blogo kaj kompreneble... ne forgesu aboni al mia RSS-fluo!! :)

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