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Interview with Parvana Persiani

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Onnik: Parvana, thanks very much for agreeing to be interviewed by Global Voices Online We’re here in the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, for the World Blogging Forum The first ever You’re about to be part of a panel discussion on freedom of expression And in particular the case of Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli Do you think that this forum is a good place to raise such issues? Parvana: It is really fascinating to be here among these people Bloggers from all over the world because they are people dealing with these issues With blogging and its impact on the development of society and today being here I have a chance to deliver the message that bloggers of Azerbaijan two video bloggers they are under threat and have serious troubles So it’s good to deliver that message today here and this forum, this gathering of bloggers together they might show once more solidarity among bloggers among information brokers in society Onnik: As someone who’s based in the Caucasus and as someone looking at the use of new media especially civil society, especially youth activism what’s happening in Azerbaijan has been really impressive The use of social networking sites, the use of new media such as blogs, now Twitter, now online television through AN TV Why and when did all this happen? Parvana: After the independent media agencies were shut down by government and after independent radio stations like Radio Liberty, BBC, [and] Voice of America were shut down people had no chance to […] express their opinion freely. They didn’t have space in newspapers to express their complaints, to express their doubts, so people began to go to Facebook, to Twitter, people began to tweet, to SMS each other about upcoming events, social events in society, and gradually it turned out that more and more people began to use social networks. The result of it was that when Adnan and Emin were arrested we could spread the word [with] the help of social networks, new media, by blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Onnik: You were saying the other day that this idea of networking was an idea of Emin Milli And Adnan was involved in using YouTube and video And it did break that stranglehold, that control of information Of course, it also got them arrested Do you not think that many people might be more afraid of using these tools Or do you think that it has achieved the opposite? Parvana: The thing is that the Internet is a space which you cannot control, which you cannot control completely. It might be [that] people [are] more scared to [take] to the street and participate in some protest action which leads them to go to the virtual world and to express their opinion there. This means that this participation in social networks is increasing more and more.

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Posted by: onewmphoto on Nov 14, 2009

Interview with Parvana Persiani, OL! Azerbaijan youth movement Executive Board member, World Blogging Forum, Bucharest, Romania

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