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TVP on the idea of a Research City in South America (Repository)

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Conversations with Jacque & Roxanne April 2010 Bogota Colombia Is South America a good place to start? What about the "socialist" countries? Actually, I think too, one of the greatest possibilities we have is in the South American countries with Ecuador, Chavez, you know, in Bolivia and Cuba, all those progressive countries. We would love to make a presentation to the presidents of all those countries because they're kind of grappling with what to do next, where to go. They're thinking in terms of socialism but they're beginning to share resources and things together. And maybe if we could have some kind of contact with them and propose a first city where we do research we develop Jacque's products and the benefits go to all those countries who participated. There might be more chance with those countries than in the others. - Let me put it this way. I went... We were friends with Cuba in America. Castro came here. He asked for money to help change things. The US turned him down. When I got to Cuba I said I would like to see Fidel. So the police arrested me right away. They looked through my suitcases and there were nothing but drawings for Fidel, so they let me go. And I asked "Where is Fidel?" They said "He's a couple of hundred miles, cutting sugar cane with the workers." So he was trying to be 'one of the boys'. So I figured: Gee, I only had 600 bucks when I got to Cuba. That was all I had to spend so I went to the University of Havana and I said I'd like to talk to the technicians there. They said "Okay". So they set up a meeting with technicians and they said to me first in their Spanish-American accent: "Mr. Fresco, we don't have any money. The US has to do all these wonderful things that you have in mind." So I said "You don't need money. You jack up a car and put a belt on the rear wheel. That'll process your sugar cane and you could do that with 50 cars and process machinery." "Oh, Mr. Fresco! You have to see Fidel." I said "Look, I have no power. I'd like to see Fidel." So they said "I want to show you what we do." So they had a bunch of guys carrying bananas down the hill. So I said: "If you build a clothes line and hang the bananas up they'll come down automatically while the boxes go up." "Oh, you have to see Fidel!" What can I do with that? I stayed there until my money ran out. I had to come back. I never saw Fidel. So, he didn't know what to do, Castro. Castro was a revolutionary, like Che Guevara was a doctor. He tried to help people to the best of his ability. But US was gunning for him. So I would say that communism isn't radical enough for the world today. It was good a hundred years ago. Find out more The time is now.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 10 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Aug 5, 2011

Part of a conversation with Jacque & Roxanne in April, 2010 in Bogota, Colombia.

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