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Transcendent Man Film Trailer

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The reason I am calling today is to express my disappointment that you have invited this highly sophisticated "crackpot" and given him a national forum to express his subtle religious predictions that have no basis and objective reality. If you go back 500 years not much happened in a century. Now a lot happens in six months. Technology competes on itself and it gets faster and faster. It's going to continue. In about 40 years it is going to moving so fast. The pace of change it going to be so astonishingly quick that you won't be able to follow it unless you enhance your own intelligence by emerging with the intelligent technology you've created. This guy is freaking: he says computers will have consciousness in just 25 years. If we get to the 2030's and not going to be able to tell the clear difference between human and machine intelligence. The "Big Question" of life is "Who are we? What are we going to become? What'll be the future like?" He's got one of the most incredible track records in history. He's predicted with pretty good accuracy ... He is an award winning scientist and engineer A millionaire, several times over because of his inventions. These inventions may end up causing the worst war that humanity ever had. Corporations and governments and societies will be created and destroyed on the back of the technology that Ray describes. The world is flattening. The world is globalizing. Inventor Ray Kurzweil thinks, that one day humans may be able to live forever. I want to live as long as I can. I don't want to die. If following Ray's regiment would put that day off, I am very willing to do that. I knew there was a reason that I was keeping all this stuff and he kept all this stuff. I do plan to bring back my father. God is who is. A hard challenge should be to know him not trying to create him. It could scare a lot of people. The world is changing far too fast. Nothing like this has ever happened to homo sapiens before. These ideas are gone ultimately change the world. We didn't stay on the ground, we didn't stay on the planet, we didn't stay with the limitations of our biology. I think Ray is for me the service of non profit - thats's wrong He's used the gift that he was given for the better man of human kind. That's what I know him. It will be the universe breaking up.

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Posted by: ralflippold on Mar 7, 2011

Transcendent Man by director Barry Ptolemy introduces the life and ideas of Ray Kurzweil, the renowned futurist who journeys the world offering his vision of a future in which we will merge with our machines, can live forever, and are billions of times more intelligent...all within the next thirty years.

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