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Wybron Cygnus Color Wash 200-Watt - Review

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♪♫♪♫...................................[Music Playing] When you need a lot of light from an LED lighting fixture you need to go Pro. And few fixtures signify Pro more than the Wybron Cygnus Color Wash 200. It's a 200-watt LED lighting fixture. And it uses 5-watt quad LEDs. That means red, green, and blue and white. So you get a great mixture of bright colors, but you can also produce very natural colors because the white is built in. One of the great things about this fixture, using the Quads, is that the coior that you're seeing right now is the color that will be produced on the stage. Instead of a fixture that uses several different LEDs' each with an individual color, and you really can't see what the color looks like. Here, the color you're seeing in the fixture is what's going to be represented on the stage. This ficture comes in either 16 degree or 24 degree beam spreads. And they have a really cool way they've been able to make tht happrn..... They have a removable lens. Now, a lens on a standard fixture is usually just a piece of glass. But, because these are individual lights, we have to have a lens for each of the LEDs & they've done that, they've locked them in. They're very precise. There's only one way this can slip in and it locks right in. So you can takes the 16 or the 24 & swap them back & forth. And, you know the cost on this lens is not that much. It's pretty decent. They also have diffusion medium & you can use diffusion medium and you can use diffusion medium with any light, whether it's LED or not. But the cool thing about this is it slips rigth in. and it also rotates so you can change the beam spread...I'll just pull it back like this... Change the beam spread by rotating it. So you can go horizontal or vertical... type of a spread. So, it's a very easy fixture to change your beam spread.... go ahead and change the diffusion medium. Very convenient, very lightweight. It doesn't have a large heat sink like a lot of the fixtures do. It does have an internal fan for thermal management. So it's pulling all of that heat away. So again, if you need a super-bright, professional fixture something that's used on Broadway, used on national theatrical shows touring shows the world over, then take a look at the Wybron Cygnus 200 Color Wash. ♪♫♪♫...........................[Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 20, 2012

Few lighting fixtures signify "Pro" more than the Wybron Cygnus Color Wash 200-Watt stage light. Ron Simonson, CEO of CCI Solutions demonstrates how the Wybron light has a removable lense for each of the LEDs that makes it possible to produce exceptionally true color lighting. What you see in the fixture is how it will look on stage. It's a lightweight fixture that's very easy to adjust beam-spread and diffusion medium.

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