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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 4 'Writer's Block'

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I thought at least if he took the job he'd have more time to work on his graphic novel, but now, he's got a day off and he's just fucking sitting there with this blank face... I can barely imagine your Dad without his tats. I know right?! Like the only good thing about him even taking on this dumb job was that he'd have time to work on his book. And now he feels he's sold out, he doesn't have the will to work on it which makes him more depressed and... I don't know. I'm just scared he's on this downward spiral down the drain. He needs some bootstrappers. -What, meds? Dad hates big pharma. Mom was in the same loop. We just slip them into her food. It worked for... quite a while. OK drone, bring me my bottle of Virtuous Cycle medication. Any excuse to use that you're all over it. I'd just give him one. Twice a day. After a week you'll see a difference. Alright. Thanks doctor princess. So how go the wedding plans? Slow. His mom's... being a mother-in-law, I guess. And Harrison's really stressed shopping around his wireframe. He's scared someone's gonna scoop him. A few months ago he was the only one with a sensual haptic application and now everyone's got one. Some with stars attached. A sensual hapapp? Are you talking feelie porn? It's called My Midnight. Apparently, it's classy. I haven't seen it. Oh, here's the pills. Oh, it's so cute. You should get it a little butler outfit. They actually have little metal bowties you can get. -Hah! Oh, my God! That was quite the face you gave your man yesterday. They call them black eyes but it was more of a nice purple yesterday. A nice grey-green today. Perhaps it's foolish but... I often feel fonder of people that I've marked. I wonder if you feel the same. So what's your game? There aren't a lot of Muay Thai fighters with haptics enabled. Mortal Coil? Bangkok Beatdown? Overgrowth. -Uh? That explains the rabbit punches. I guess. But it doesn't explain why you had a cable? You see, I know all the people with haptic cables. But I don't know you. But I guess I know you now, hmm? That guy is super-creepster. He acts like he's king of the cables, but I heard there's kids buying them on darknet. On the subway I saw this kid wearing hers in public. Pretty bad-ass. Really? Yeah! She wasn't in-world, she just had it attached like it was a scarf or something. She's lucky no one rolled her for it. Those things cost a mega bitcoin. That's the thing. She was kind of looking around like she was daring someone to try. Jesus! You wanted see me, sir? You know I hate to micromanage, Geiss. Yes, sir. I do. I know you have your.. your way down on the floor with your haircuts and your rough housing. That's well and good. However. I... have an old friend. His niece is a new hire. And he asked me to keep an eye out for her. But I see that you are already doing that. Yes, sir. Great. Good we're communicating. Is there something else? As a matter of fact, there is. I need this message delivered. I'm sending you the person to whom this message will be delivered under separate cover. Don't do it yourself, but get it done.

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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 4 'Writer's Block'

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