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What are the Akashic Records? Sadhguru

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- That's what we call as Internet today. You know what it means, Akashic? Akash means "Sky"..Akashic Records. That's what we're calling Internet today, isn't it? It's all up there. Now, this needs to be understood; like I was just saying, even your karma is stored on the energy level. Now, there are many ways you can be active in life. You can do physical work, you can do mental work, you can do work with your prana; but, once you work beyond this physical dimension, then that's forever. If you do something with your body, it has certain lifespan. With your mind, a little longer lifespan. If you do it with your prana, it's much longer lifespan. But, if you do anything beyond the physical dimension, that's forever. Nobody can destroy it. See, I have not.. I have never studied any spirituality if you don't believe this. I have never made a study of anything. I've not studied with anybody. Anything concerned with human consciousness I'm crystal clear about everything. Everything that I know, I don't know. When I walk on the street, I don't carry it. It's all there. When I walk, it is always there. Why should I burden myself with all that nonsense when it's anyway available all the time? Isn't it? That's what Internet also means today, isn't it? You don't have to carry the information with you. Now it's all there. When you want, you access it, that's all. So, this is also a kind of Net. It's all there. Whenever you want, you can access it. As far as I'm concerned, a Krishna or a Gautam Buddha or many other yogis of the past. They're not really past for me. They're like right now for me. They may be physically dead long ago, but, as far as the core of the work is concerned, it's all the time right now. It is right now blossoming. Even right now you can access it the way Gautama did things at that moment As far as I am concerned, Gautama is right now; not 2500 years ago. It is there, but, the problem is right now if you even as much as talk about these things, all kinds of people will start going into weird kind of dreams and they'll start imagining all the different types of nonsense..they're receiving from people. They will start communicating with Jesus, they will start communicating with everybody. But they're not on talking terms with the people around them. This will happen. That's the problem.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru to discuss the akashic records. Sadhguru humorously compares the akashic records to today's internet. (SaO98)

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