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Salvador Puig Antich reviewed

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Hello, I'm Ainoa and I'm going to talk about the film "Salvador". This film is directed by Manuel Huerga and starred by Daniel Brühl. It's based in true events because... ...the context is the Franco's dictatorship and the main character is a representation of a... ...catalan revolutionary: Salvador Puig Antich. The structure of the film is very simple. It begins with a flashback... ...that explains you why the main character... in the present of the film at prison. And then, when you arrive to the moment... ...which he's trapped and taken to prison... begin to see his life in prison and why he ends dead. Because he was a man who fought against the system. Because he was living a moment which... ...his nation, Catalunya, was censured... everything: you couldn't talk in Catalan, you couldn't write letters in Catalan, your name couldn't be Catalan... And well, this man was sentenced to death because he killed a police (man) and his sentence was "sentence to death"... ...with "Garrote vil": this was a thing that... ...makes your neck brakes. And well, the music, for example, is very important in this film. The music (soundtrack) is a song... Lluís Llach and is present in all the film. And it is a revolutionary song... ...that talks about this situation of the dictatorship. And it's another thing against the system. And well, this film, I liked a lot, because is very sensitive. And you empathize a lot with the main character. Because the shots are made... one way which you can feel the same as the main character. So I think is a well-broadcasted film.

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Country: Spain
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Director: Manuel Huerga
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Posted by: agn4 on Nov 28, 2014

Film Salvador Puig Antich reviewed.

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