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Do you think like a customer? What does it mean to provide legendary experiences and trusted advice to the people who value our business? It's about leveraging your competencies in customer experience management product knowledge and consultative advice to put the customer at the heart of everything we do. It's about knowing our customers reacting, evolving, and adapting to meet their current and future needs. Always delivering an exceptional experience. It's about asking questions so you can enhance and elevate the customer experience at every opportunity. Even adding value beyond the customer's initial request. It's about knowing our suite of products and services inside and out. Leveraging the tools and technology available to you to provide targeted advice. It's about enhancing our customer's financial confidence while deepening our relationships with them. That is what legendary experiences are made of. That is what trusted advice looks like. But how will you learn to do this? and how will other know you're doing it? Simple. Through My Commitment. My Commitment outlines the desired behaviors that will help drive customer experiences. It outlines how you contribute to our goals, priorities, and our success. Each quarter, you will be evaluated against these behaviors. And it is directly connected to your incentive plan that rewards you for your efforts. Understanding how to think like a customer will empower you to own and enhance your performance and put you in a position to succeed here at TD. We all play a part in this journey. Are you ready? Your career. Your journey.

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Posted by: goosey on Feb 7, 2020

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