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Reelection - The Last Temptation

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The Last Temptation if Jesus would have been a guy with ambitions Jesus: Now that we're all here, well... I have something to tell to you all Apostles: Say it, master...! say it! Jesus: Uh... Don't you think that we should do something for me to... eh... stay a little longer? let's say... three more years? Apostles: AH! Jesus: Well... I don't know... It looks bad if I say it, ignoring the wishes of my Father But if you talked to people... if they are the ones who ask... Apostles: But master, it's a little late... I already have some bizz with the hight preasts and they'll come to get you tonight! Jesus: But Judas! Traitor! Judas: Eh... master, we have needs. We're getting out of money buying so much bread and fish! Jesús: ¡Argh! Peter: Master, why are you worried? You have thought us fine. We can fondate your church. Trust us... really Jesus: Peter! Are suggesting that you want to lead in my place? Apostles: UH! Peter: No master, I'm not! Jesus: Really, are you suggesting that you want to be the boss? Peter: No, master Jesus: Peter! Are you really not suggesting that you want to be in my place? Peter: OK, yes!!! Apostles: aha! Peter: But I don't mean it like that... It's just that we also have good ideas, and I feel I can be capable to do good things too... Jesus: Oh my God! God: My son! Jesus: Ehh... hi dad... how are you? God: What are you up to? Jesus: er... nothing, really. No, no. It's just that that this wine is low of grapes. I wanted to see if I can be speared... God: Don't change the subject! I told you that you had three years to do your job. Now is Peter's turn! Peter: He, he. Thank you, my God, than you... Jesus: Well... let it be done, then This is the last time I pay for dinner... Let's see how you handle it next time Apostle: We'll come up with something, master Stay too long in power gets you to be used to rule and also takes the right of lead from you NO to indefinite reelection of Chavez or anybody

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 8 seconds
Country: Venezuela
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Alfredo Calzadilla
Director: Alfredo Calzadilla
Views: 139
Posted by: luiscarlos on Jan 18, 2009

Imagen por un momento que Cristo hubiese pedido continuar con su mandato unos años más. Campaña realizada en Venezuela por Alfredo Calzadilla para apoyar el No a la reelección continua de Hugo Chávez, quien ha gobernado dos periodos de 6 años y ahora pide cambiar la constitución para mantenerse en el poder unos años más.

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