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Genital Mutilation is no joke

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Christopher Hitchens on genital mutilation There are things that a normal morally normal if not morally average or mediocre person would not unprompted do for example, hold down their daughter, at the age of 6 tear off her underwear, and cut her genitalia with a sharp stone They wouldn't do it if they didn't think god was telling them to do it or the Mullahs, or the...if it's a boy the Rabbis weren't telling them to do One of the reasons I why have the lurid subtitle I do, my book, "religion is a poison" is that, it makes ordinary moral people, and complles them, forces them in some cases orders them to do disgusting, wicked, and unforgiveable things There is no expiation, for the generations of misery and suffering that religion has inflicted in this way and continues to inflict, and I still have not heard enough apology for it *applause* [Rabbi Kushner] Christopher I gotta call you down on referring to circumcision as genital mutilation My son cried more at his fist haircut than he did at his first bris [Hitchens] You wern't doing it right then... *laughter* [Rabbi Kushner] Statistically the only long term affect that it seems to have on people is that.. it increases their chances of winning a Nobel Prize *laughter* I can't um... I can't find the compulsory mutilation of the genitals of children fit for humor in that way, or flip and seen that way My mondies says very plainly that it's to repress the sexual pleasure to deprive us of males as much as possible of the opportunity of that The full incision, not just the snip but the full mandatory covenant Is fantastically painful, leads to trauma, leads to the dulling of sexual relationship and can be in itself, life threatening at that moment I have the records, I can show them to you, of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds in the United States of boy babies who died or had life threatening infections as a result of this disgusting practice that you a person as humane as yourself, can sit here, and think of that as a fit subject for humor shows what I mean Religion makes morally normal people say and do disgusting and wicked things and you just proved my point there Genital mutilation is no joke Genital mutilation is no joke

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Genital Mutilation is no joke

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