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Emily's Quarantine Advise

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Hi! My name is Emily. I'm 12. Up until 2 years ago, I too had cancer. I was a girl just like you. I remember that what helped me pass the time in quarantine, was games, movies, TV shows, all kinds of books, and also being on the phone a bit. A few of the games I REALLY recommend are: Chatchatul, Tuckey, and Marcus. They are games for younger kids, but they are a lot of fun and are funny. Games for a little more mature kids, I would recommend: Catan, La-uf Al Hamillion (Who's Still Standing), and Dixit. These are very very interesting games. Very intriguing. A few books I highly recommend for older kids too, is "Peleh" (Wonder). The kid that is a little different. A bit unlike others. There is also a movie of it. "World Mission", a fascinating adventure book. There are more than 20 books about it. and I read all of them! Really. Very interesting books. "Ima Ksumah" (Magical Mom), Ima Gdola" (Big Mom), Ima Me-od Ksumah" (Very Magical Mom) If you are feeling you've had it. That's it. You cannot do this any more. Grab a paper. A pen. Write down everything you are frustrated about. Everything that makes you sad. Everything that makes you mad. Everything that causes you BAD! Take this paper. Cut it to pieces. And dump in the trash. Take a new paper. A clean paper. Write down everything that is GOOD. Everything that makes you happy. Everything that makes you SMILE! Write it down. Even if these are little things. Write them down. Take a look at it. Look how many GOOD things there are in life. And in General! See how good You Are. How WORTHY YOU ARE. That NO treatment can take you down. Stay YOURSELF. Stay STRONG! Wishing Everyone Good Health

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Posted by: sarahlarger on Mar 18, 2020

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