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Adyashanti - Transcending Personal Concerns

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global oneness project Transcending Personal Concerns Because there is the personal, I would love this transformation for my children and for all other beings. Adyashanti San Jose, California Spiritual Teacher That's the point I was trying to touch on, although not as succinctly as I could have been. That point where that desire, or that impulse has to transcend our personal concerns, even the personal concerns for the future of my children. It has to include that we don't know what's the best. Maybe the best thing is that we don't survive as a species. Until everything is possible, we're not even actually inquired into what's true. Because we put limits...I'll only look at what's true if it happens to exist in this little box. But if what's true ends up to be existence is done with humanity, it hasn't worked, its going to try something else... To look at what's really true has to open up to this thing that's beyond... It includes of course your personal concerns, wanting to be happy, wanting your family and children to have a good life and survive. That's fine. We're never going to just get rid of that. But I think it has to include a much much bigger context. What's really real? What's really true? And can I even ask the question in such a way that the question itself goes beyond human concern. Can I ask it from the point of existence rather than from the standpoint of me, or even from the standpoint of humanity? Can I ask it from the biggest possible context? I think that's very important. Because only then are we actually touching into something that has infinite power. It seems like that's what's necessary. We have to touch in to something that has infinite power. Infinite transformative power. And we never come in to what has infinite transformative power as long as we stay only within the personal domain. How does one do that individually is one question. A bigger question is how does that happen collectively? I'll tell you the truth; I don't have an answer for that. As a teacher, what I've seen is people come with that kind of motivation that's truly trans-personal that comes from existence. They come to me with it, or they don't. They got it or they don't. I can't develop it in them, I can't convince them. It's part of their own maturity. They may not start there, but later they may mature there. But I can't put it into them. I can talk to them about it, but... It's like when you're 10 years old and you say, "I'd love to be an adult for a day." What are you going to say to a 10 year old. Here's how to be an adult for the day. Here's how to fast forward your consciousness 10 years from now. No. It doesn't work that way. The time will come. Whether it comes quick enough, that's a whole other question.

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