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2886 YLH Looking after your cervical collar - a guide for patients

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If you have been given a cervical collar, it will immobilise, support and protect your injury. However, there are a number of important things you can also do to aid your recovery.   Here are our top tips: Limit your movement. The collar is designed to limit the movement in your neck. Keeping your head and neck as still as possible is an important part of the healing process. Not being able to shake your head, to say “yes” or “no” may seem unusual but it is an essential part of your treatment. Always wear your collar. You must wear your collar at all times even when taking a bath or washing your hair, unless you are advised otherwise by your consultant. Make sure it fits. Your collar should feel firm but not excessively tight as this will make it difficult for you to swallow or breathe. Stand upright. Try not to rest your chin heavily on the front of the collar as this may cause your skin to become sore. Don’t drive. You shouldn’t drive in your collar as it will affect your field of vision and you will not be covered by your insurance policy. Attend follow up appointments. You will be advised when you need to visit for follow-up appointments. This is also a chance for the liners inside the collar to be washed and replaced, but this should only be done by your healthcare professional. Look out for problems.   You need someone to check your skin regularly to ensure that the collar is not rubbing. They must do this without removing the collar, and you should contact the fracture clinic using the numbers provided at the end of the video if you have any concerns. You are looking for any redness or signs of pressure especially on the chin, chest, shoulders and neck.  You can use wet wipes to clean the skin, but please avoid using powders or spraying perfume inside your collar.

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2886 YLH Looking after your cervical collar - a guide for patients

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