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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~18:03:27 - 18:19:31

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Wow, it's rare we have a party here at home and when it gets going there's no time, man. Just a second. Let's 'hang out' down there. Who's going to 'hang'? Everyone? Man, whoever in the group wants to hang is going to. Good morning! ♪This young woman, with black skin♫ ♪But you don't cry for me♫ Is there any meat there, Paulo? Yeah, there's some grilled beef that's good... Man, here at home we have Easter Week for the whole year... ...when there's some beef I don't have time to eat?! What a drag! Worse that it hasn't even been grilled yet, right, man. -- Where are you going, Tá? Oh, okay. We're going now, right? -- It's time. Paulinho? -- Calm down. -- It's done, right? But I'm going to bring some drinks because it's not right, no? And the brothers? Oh! -- Wow! --Shoot, tell the guys... Hey, guys! Who's going to stay here? Who's going to stay here? For what? -- No, I'm asking. Everyone's going. -- No, I was going to say... if you were staying here... No... we don't know if everyone's going to fit. I'm saying between those who are going and... those that are staying, hold on, and we tell them to head there on the way, man. You can tell them. -- But they're going to get here after ten, man, We're not going to wait for anything, man. We're going to continue and everyone goes together. Then I'm going to get some beers to drink on the way, man. Hold on. Everyone's going to hang. ♪The rest I'll see later♫ Get one here... -- No, I don't want. Thanks, okay? There's nothing warm? What's this? Meat, mom? -- Yeah, cut it for you guys. I'll take this can from here because it can get the DVD wet. No, I'll wear this one. Geez. It's dirty. Where did I leave the can? -- And Easter Week? -- So? Take a piece there. Go ahead. -- Aren't you a lion, man? The thing is bleeding. I'm going. This guy's a lion. Eats raw meat. I eat all day. -- The whole week just eating... -- I eat all day, almost. I'm going to send this here... This fat girl. Get it, here, right here. There -- Right here. Wow! This does not fit anymore, man. The guy sent me some hats but this hat doesn't fit anymore. The hat doesn't fit anymore. Can I wear it? -- No, I'm going to do some advertising for the guy with a little show, right. Can I stand here? -- I was invited to have some meat with you guys. -- Ah, took a while. But you've got to be a lion because I think it's a little rare. What's up? Let's go, man. Look at the time. A few more beers. There's only one left here. The guys are fast. -- You're going to bring it? Ah, you're not going to wait for us. I don't know if it's going to work for everyone to go. I don't know what's going on. They mixed cake with beer in the freezer. Baggy. There's a good baggy here. -- I've already got one. You're going to bring two cans? I will too then... Then, get ready. -- Who's not going is these girls. I'm going to bring more. Let's bring more beers João. You're wasting time. Hey, girl you can have some of the fatty part here. If not, Ruana's going to be all over it. You just have to be a lion, it's a bit raw. -- No, it's good, it's great! Here. Get it, jump! Grab it. It's yours. Get it. Get it. No. Not like that. You've got to get it. -- Put it behind, right here. Here. Leave it here. -- Get it. Get this craziness there. She's crazy. Give it to her, dude. Well, mom. See you later. Be with God. I'm just going to get my shirt here. You're going to pass by Extra and from there you're going? -- Let's go downstairs now. What are you going to do at Extra? -- I've got a show now. --Israel? Are we going? Where's the hat? -- The show isn't in Itapecerica? Man, I'll show you and you see which one it is. There's this one. -- No. -- This. -- Also no. I have the Brooksfield™ one. Chill. Look, I'm going to wear this black one. -- It's really crazy but... I know that this one here already doesn't fit and this one here also might not fit. This is the one that he told you to wear? But there. If you like it... Where did it go? Did someone already rob me and I didn't see? It was already stolen. What do you want? -- No, I'm looking for a... I put in your hand one of these ones here, it was different. Hey, the hat that Dani's going to wear tonight is this one. -- This one here is mine, bro. No! -- It's hot. -- Hold up, dude. -- It's true! -- What are you talking about, man? I can't find it, Pedro. Forget about it. -- Dani's going with this one tonight. -- Let him go with this one here. This one here is tiny, no? -- It's nothing, man. Is it the same size? Man, I don't know if I'm going with the yellow shirt... -- This one here works then? It's good. Cool then. -- I don't know if I'm going with... I don't know if I'm going with green or yellow. I'm going with this one here. -- Feel free. -- Kidding. Dona Elza, I'm not going to get anything! Paulinho, you've got a sponsor, man! Don't you have your sponsor? Didn't you say something about your sponsor? You've got a sponsor, man. -- A two shirt sponsorship, man. I started out like that, 'thief.' - Cool, all right, dude. Thanks for your manliness. So hold up. I think the most fair thing is this right here. I know exactly what he's going to come out with. I know exactly. Man, it was Pe who wanted this magazine. Aren't you sponsored by Artful™... You're sponsored by Drump™, man. -- But I think this shirt's really crazy. But, you've got to wear it. -- I don't wear it just because it's too big. Pedro wanted a bigger one, so you guys negotiate. You two. No, I'm not going to sell it, no, Pedro. It doesn't work for me. When I get there I'll give it to you. Man, but you know what the real truth is? -- You know why? Because I don't have one. This shirt here is my brother's, you know? But I see that even he sent it to get altered for his size and it's going to take a while so... Wow, this shirt is really crazy. -- Let's go? -- Look at the time. -- Seven o'clock already. I'm going with green. -- He didn't call you? Then... -- Ah, but we're going to play without him? No, he... You were going to get him where? -- He said he was going to call Pedro? Then, he didn't call. And it's already our fault, right? Gisele. --Gisele, take this... -- Mom, cut a piece, please. -- No thank you, I already ate. Hey, whoever's going, go! Whoever's staying, stay. We're leaving! I don't know, man. Just going to Extra to see the size of the van and... If it doesn't get going, you come back here and wait for us to arrive. I apologize for things... -- Don't worry. Hey, dude! -- Hey. I'm going to go out with this, man. -- Let's go, then. Hey, Israel, you're telling me to cut this. You're not going to eat? -- You already cut it? Let's go, guys! -- Bye, Auntie. The guy's like a lion. --Man, I'll eat this piece here whole in just one bite. Israel, after I'll get it all with my cap, okay? You didn't lose my cap, did you? No, I'm going to wear it some day. Ah, okay. No, not some day, you're going to wear it... One day, I said. Mom, sorry, mom! -- Take this here for you, man. Bye, mom. -- Bye. Go with God. Have a good show. God bless me and guide me, in His presence evil departs. Are we walking? Make a bag for me? Can you? Can you make a bag with this? -- What do you mean? -- So I don't have to carry this in my hand? No, but this goes in our van. -- Let's go, Bia. -- Where's Paulo? -- Bye, Gata! Let's go, Bia! -- Bye, bye. Where's Paulinho? --Let's go! Look at that other guy there! -- He's talking. Bia. Let's go, Bia! Let's go, thief! Later! Let's go, man! Rael! -- Yeah, brother. -- You're late, right? Just for a change. He might go to the other show. -- Okay. I didn't call anyone. Not even Mica is coming, uncle. -- Hold up. I don't know, see there, man. Okay, I've only got that to say, you know? And Dodi? -- Dodi just called me. But I couldn't speak to him. I called his house after, nobody answered. He must have left for there. After you have to try and call his cell. You've got to call his cell. Hey, whoever doesn't have a shirt doesn't go. -- I'm going in shorts like a hero. I don't know. ♪Superhero, superhero, superhero, they call me, super MC♫ It's cold here, no way, man! -- But it's like this, man... Hey, man. I've got some nervous goose bumps. What do I do? What do I do? I've got some nervous goose bumps here on my chest. -- It's bone, eh. Look at how funny this is. You could scatter all the kids, right, dude? Scatter means what? Spread? -- Hey! Why are all the kids going to Extra with you guys? Hey, guys! Hey 'kiddies!' You guys want some advice? Go play. It's true, man, we're... ... going to Extra. You guys are going to accompany all the way to Extra? And your fathers... and mothers? -- From there he's not coming back, okay? -- Bye, guys! Later! Later! Cool, I was going to go with her. Speak, Gi. You want a sip of my wine? -- Lately the beer's been a little watered down there. Speak, Gi. -- You're questioning everything? No, Paulo was playing video games with us yesterday, right? No, he said that we were watching adult movie. -- Ah, but if he was also... ... it's no big deal, right, Gi. -- It is because the kids were watching that DVD. Yesterday there was only the Bob (Marley) DVD at home. Yesterday there was only the Bob DVD at home. A little wine? -- Hey, Xande! Buy a Marlboro® for me? Yesterday I was messed up, man. -- Ah, not me. What's up, girl? Cool? -- Look at the 'Big Brother' test!

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Getting ready to go out again.

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