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Rachel Botsman - New model of leadership

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Being Trustworthy One of the things that we're seeing Rachel Botsman come out of COVID Leading expert and author on trust in the modern world is a new kind of compassionate leadership that people want more from the character side of the equation. And I've been studying leaders all over the world in terms of those that have really been earning and maintaining trust from people in their country. And a wonderful leader to look at right now is Jacinda Ardern, who recently won a landslide victory in New Zealand to be nominated again as prime minister. And Jacinda is really interesting if you look at her Facebook post, if you look at her communications. One of the things that she does so well is I am it with you. She said something that struck me "One of the criticisms I've faced over the years and I believe so much in these words. is that I'm not aggressive enough She talked about that she had been criticized or assertive enough, or may be somehow, over the years because I'm empathetic, I'm weak. that she wasn't aggressive enough I totally rebel against that. or assertive enough. And that people could criticized her that because she was empathetic, she was weak. As she said, "I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong." I can't think of better words to describe what it really takes to be a trustworthy leader right now. To earn and maintain that strength you need the compassion, you need to lead with those character traits, but you also have to be strong. People have to feel like they can depend on you.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 19, 2021

Rachel Botsman - New model of leadership

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