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How To Get More Twitter Followers Without Ads

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Hey guys, Justin Bryant here from And I'm gonna show you how to get more Twitter followers without using ads. There's a few different ways you can do this. Obviously ads is probably be the easiest, but it's gonna cost you money. So I'm gonna show you some free ways to get some Twitter followers without having to do a whole lot of time-consuming things whatever or anything like that. So here we are on Twitter and one thing you can do is use these Google Trends right here. As you can see, I'm in the United States and these are some of the trends going on right now. These hashtags right here are extremely popular right now. And if you do good posts using these hashtags, that can gives you a lot of followers right there, especially if you say something unique, something funny, something that really adds into the conversation. Go look at some of the hashtags from these, from the trends going on right now and you can really find some interesting stuff and see what kind of posts are getting the most shares. As you can see things like this with a lot of retweets and a lot of favourites are more popular than something that doesn't have any. Find out what the popular posts are from other people in your niche or other people that are trending right now and figure out which ones have the most engagement on them. Like I said, retweets and share and favourites as well as even comments and things like that but retweets and favourites are what you need to look at for engagement and to tell what kind of posts are doing the best on Twitter. Also, I wanna say that images do really well in Twitter because they take up the most space. Images and even videos can take up a lot of Twitter real estate. In another words, if you just do a few lines of words here, it's not gonna take up near as much as the full size image word like this. As you can see here, that this image right here is taking up a lot more space than even these 2 combined. So, use images that take up a lot of space. Use videos, use extremely popular hashtags, trending hashtags and to find the most popular hashtags, you can go to You can go there and find the most popular ones in certain industries. And on top of that, without using ads, another way to get more Twitter followers is to follow people and hope that they follow you back. From what I've noticed, that Twitter has kind of a unwritten rule and people will follow you back if you follow them, as long as they see, is they don't see you as someone that's going to spam them or anything like that. If they think your stuff is interesting or they find your posts interesting, they might follow you back. From what I've noticed, about 20 - 25% of them will follow you back. So just remember that, if you decide to do this. So if you're gonna follow people and use that and manage your Twitter followers a little better, I recommend you use Tweepi. This is how you spell it. T-w-e-e-p-i. You can make a free account. That's all I did, there's really no reason to get a paid account unless you just really crunch for time and you don't want to deal with pressing the button over and over and over which is easy to do, really, it really doesn't take that long, maybe 15, 20 minutes of this a day can really make a huge difference on Twitter. But use Tweepi to follow popular people on Twitter. All you do is you type in, the user here and then has this progress bar. So if you're, let's say you've a sports account, you might follow ESPN on here and you just put that right here, and then you watch for this little progress bar. The good thing about Tweepi is they've an updated service where it tells you when to stop following people and when to stop unfollowing people and of course, you can unfollow people that don't follow you back. So it doesn't look like you're just following huge amount of people and no one really wants to follow you back. That doesn't look good on your account but this little progress bar here will tell you when to stop following people to keep you from getting banned from Twitter or get your Twitter account suspended for 30 days or 60 days or whatever it is. So watch that progress bar and if you're gonna follow people, about 20 - 25% of them will follow back. Make sure you follow people in the same industry or that are following similar accounts to yours, like your competitors. If you wanna use a plugin, a good tool I recommend to people is Revive Old Post. Revive Old Post is free or paid depending on whether you get the pro version or not. You can get this here at Wordpress if you've a website and use it to automatically share your blog post on Twitter. This will help you, if you write good stuff and you've catchy headlines, things like that, it'll get you more followers every day. People'll be retweeting your stuff, sharing with other people and you're automatically getting more followers just as you publish blog post and things like that. Also get your older blog posts that you haven't promote in a while some more traffic. So that's a great tool to use. Buffer is also great for Twitter because you don't wanna revive completely unrevivable posts cause that's nothing but blog post. You wanna share other things that people can relate to more like pictures, quotes, videos, retweet other people's cool stuff, whatever. For that kind of stuff, I recommend you use Buffer. Hootsuite's good too but I actually think Buffer's better if you haven't watch my comparison of Buffer and Hootsuite, you might wanna watch that on YouTube. But Buffer is overall probably a better tool for scheduling shares and things like that on Twitter and other social media sites. I recommend you use that for statistics other than blog posts and that will help you get some more shares and followers. Also, keep in mind popular hashtags and things like that. Last but not least, if you absolutely desperate, I really don't recommend you do this, but if you're desperate, you can buy some Twitter followers. If it's taking too long for you to get a little bit of a following, because no one wants to be your first followers, they want to see kind of who you are first and see if you're even a popular person first, if you're the real deal. If you only have like 5 followers, that's not gonna be a lot of people that will follow you back or want to automatically follow you or think you're even worth following. So one thing you can do is for $5, you can buy 500, 1000, 2000 followers on Twitter and obviously these are not gonna be good follower. They're not gonna engage with your content, but if you absolutely need to build that Twitter following as fast as possible. You cannot wait another second. You can pay $5 on Fiverr to find somebody here. All you need to do is type in find services and then click Twitter followers. Click on that and then you'll see the top gigs for Twitter followers. So then you go through and click one that you wanna do. That'll give you some followers right off the bat. And then you can use that as proof that you've a little bit of a following. And then you can use the other tools like Buffer, Revive Old Post, Tweepi and the other tactics I taught you. So if you get some value from this video. If you learn some stuff about how to get some followers on Twitter. Please like the video, don't forget to subscribe. I've some more stuff on Twitter and other social media strategies for you coming out. Don't forget to leave a comment if you wanna add some other tactics for people to use. You wanna add to the conversation or if you just wanna let me know what you thought about the video, feel free to leave a comment on it, on YouTube. And don't forget to visit us at where I go in more in depth about marketing, entrepreneurship, how to start a successful business without spending years of failing to do so. I'll show you to do things that you probably never even heard of before to help you get really big results and other than that, that's about the end of this video. I hope you learn a lot and I will see you in the next one.

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