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Khan Tervel against Arabians - 717 AD

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717 AD The Arab Caliphate was captured vast territories from India to south France. It came a turn for holy war against Christian Europe. Numerous army, leaded by the brother of the caliph - Maslama, crossed Mala Asia (modern Turkey). 200 thousand arab soldiers besieged Constantinople from the ground. 1 800 arabian ships surrounded the city from the sea. The great siege begin! Surprisingly, the bulgarian ruler - Khan Tervel attacked the arabs from behind and crashed an inteligance squad of 4000 troops. Maslama barely escape by running. When he returned to his camp, he ordered to be created two ditches, one against the walls of Constantinople, and one in his back against the Bulgarians. The intervention of Tervel, makes a desperate situation of the Arabs. The words of the chronicler speak for themselves: The bulgarians were attacking the arabs and saber them, the arabs were more affraid from Bulgarians, than the besieged Romans. The winter came, but the arabs were afraid to leave, first from their king, second from the sea and third from the Bulgarians. The storm of the death grabbed them. They starved so much, so they ate the bodies of the dead and the scum of each other. With the coming of spring, Maslama sent a large army against his most dangerous enemy - khan Tervel. The chronicles says: When the Arabs entered the battle with Bulgarians, they were defeated and 20 000 were killed, and the survivors returned back with big shame. After this strike, the Arab army left the Balkans forever, and their defeat, chroniclers described as a great disaster for the Islam and salvation of Europe.

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Posted by: gpetrov on Oct 27, 2010

Khan Tervel was true hero for the European people in the Medieval. They called him "Protector of Europe". Battle of Constantinople.

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