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Candidate Free Air Time: 2008 Dale Sweetland

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Hi I'm Dale Sweetland and I'm running for Congress in the 25th Congressional District, which includes the Towns of Irondequoit, Webster, and the northern part of Penfield. I want to be your Congressman because I'm tired of what goes on and what doesn't go on in Washington. Democrats and Republicans alike spend so much time arguing with each other that solutions to real problems in America are never reached. For example, America is in the middle of a major energy crisis, yet the Democratic led Congress refused to act for months and the measure they finally did pass is so full of clauses and exceptions that it has no real chance of actually making a difference at the gas pump or on your home heating bill. I have a four point plan to deal with the current energy crisis that includes drilling for our own resources, promoting conservation, developing alternative energy sources, and cutting taxes on energy. I know what it's like to struggle to pay bills, especially your property tax bill. That's why I have a plan to cut your property taxes in half. As your Congressman, I would propose legislation to force New York State to pick up the entire cost of Medicaid, saving taxpayers and Monroe County 162-million dollars a year. As the Chairman of the Onondaga County Legislature, I led the effort to fight Medicaid fraud in my county, an initiative that resulted in two million dollars savings to the county this year alone. Over regulation is choking small businesses throughout the country. To encourage business and job growth would preserve tax cuts, lower government spending, and reduct bureaucratic barriers. As your Congressman, I will stand for you in Washington. I'm not going to Washington to mingle with the political establishment. I'll represent your issues and your concerns, working across the aisle to get the job done. I'm Dale Sweetland, Republican candidate for Congress and I look forward to representing you in Washington.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 27, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. Dale Sweetland is the Republican running in the 25th Congressional District.

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