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Ο Χριστός είναι Ορθόδοξος - Christ is Orthodox

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Jesus Christ is Orthodox! He is neither Protestant, or Roman Catholic, or Armenian, or... Jesus Christ is Orthodox. Raise a flag with this phrase and spread the message to the four corners of the earth The message that Christ is Orthodox and anyone outside Orthodoxy, is not with Christ Let them cry, tie themselves in knots, have their Gospel, let them do whatever they want. Jesus Christ is Orthodox For 1600 now, the Holy Light is attributed to the Orthodox And I take the chance, from this position, to remind you that As many times, during these 1600 years, four times actually since Saint Helen built the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre, others (i.e. non-Orthodox) tried to obtain the Holy Light, by some means or other. And Christ did not give it to them! He chose to give the Light of the Resurrection at the Praetorium, 700-800metres far from the Sepulchre. and not to be given to them, in there. He chose to give the light from the giant column, chose to break the column the one you see today near the entrance of the Holy Sepulchre, and not to give the Holy Light to the Armenians He (Christ) never gave them the Holy Light! This event may be helpful for anyone who wants to SEE and not just LISTEN since, nowadays this is our problem: our sensors have been transferred from the ear to the eye, e.g. Someone says: "If I don't see...", despite Paul saying:" Faith comes from hearing", Because if you "see" then it ceases to be belief! It is knowledge. And "knowledge" is not rewarded by Christ, the same as "Belief" does. Because "Belief" presupposes Humility (submission of my Ego) So, this only, happening for 1600 years, Christ giving the Holy Light of His Resurrection, to the Orthodox Archbishop only, this specifically is a proof as to which side Christ is on. and which side He gives His Blessings to, and which side he actually wants! and which side He urges us to follow Please also notice that, all these happen in a "wolf's lair", a "wasp's nest", a "devil's pit", I cannot find words to describe the area. Israel nowadays, according to the latest census, has 4,5million inhabitants. About 2,8million Jews, 1,4million Muslims, 170-180thousand Armenians etc, and about 40,500 thousand Christians. We (Orthodox) are only 1% of the population You shall take the Light ! (says Christ). "Fear not, little flock! Because the Kingdom of Heavens, has been given to you" This is what Jesus Christ said. Who is it that will "correct" Him? When the Greeks asked to see Christ, he said: Now the time has come for the Son of man, to be glorified. You Greek, why are you ashamed of being Greek? You Orthodox, why are you ashamed of being Orthodox? Is that because the others are many more? The "good" is not in the "much" (Greek proverb). Christ tells you:" I am with you". How can you feel flattered not being an Orthodox and be with the rest of the world instead? Why? Are you afraid of being mocked? I do not know. If this is the case, from then on, take measures... Let us say, that: Even if man wanted to "use" the Holy Selpuchre and more specifically this feast of the Holy Light as a Cynosure (Polaris-star), man shall never lose his way to the Kingdom of Heavens. If our seamen or others that use the Polaris-star to find their way choose not to take into account the Polaris-star, and say to themselves: " I am not taking you into account" noone will ever make their way to the end And this because they are not good seamen, but because the do not want to follow the Polaris-star Christ is Polaris-Star (for our lives) Roman Catholics would not be in such a mess, neither Orthodox, if the Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras, during his visit in Jerusalem together with Pope Paul, posed the question to the Beast of the Apokalypse (referring here to the Roman Catholic Pope) Dear Paul! Why don't we go to ask the "host" first? Since we are at His place? Why don't we go to ask Him? And if He gives you the Holy Light, I will kiss your feet, brother. What if Christ does not give you the Light? How shall I be able to sell it? How shall I be able to "deny" it? Both leaders did not go to the Holy Sepulchre and did not ask Christ at all They did not ask the host! And thei did according to their thoughts. And now you all see the consequences... Man must be blind not to see where the truth is A man must be totally blind, the man that wants to reject this truth Is it a lie all this? No! It is not a lie "If you remain silent, the rocks will shout" Three years ago, I had the chance to visit the Holy Selpuchre, because I knew the event regarding the Holy Light: there, three columns in front, the Holy Light came out at 1854, against the will of Armenians, and they killed the Turkish Emir and I saw his relics and I took photos of them in the church of "Great Panagia", in the Monastery just outside the Holy Sepulchre, by the time I went there and saw that I felt like struck from lightning I recall that a brother who had been photographed near the Holy Light of the Resurrection, brought me then this photograph and said to me: "Mr Panagopoulos, this is what happens here" I still have the photo in my posession. I may have it on me, actually. And when I saw all that, I kneeled I kneeled there and then, in the soil, in the air, in the sun, in the dust in the dirt. I Kneeled, I did 3 "metanoia" and I kissed the photograph It had the same smell as the one that comes out of the Holy Sepulchre This marble stone, in that place, for a thousand and more years That's why I am telling you: We Orthodox are going to be whipped a lot! (We Orthodox) that have the opinion that we can adjust the orthodox belief, our way. Someone would say: Aren't Roman Catholics, Christians? All the other, aren't they Christians? Protestants are not Christians? How can we say that they are Christians? Since Christ rejects them, who can do them justice? Isn't that Christ himself that rejects them? Do you know that all others, Armenians, Ethiopians, Copts, and the rest of the so-called Christians, take the Light from the funnel of the Holy Sepulchre or need to kiss the hand of the Orthodox Archbishop in order to take the Holy Light and give it to their people? Are you aware of that? Do you know that Roman Catholics do not even take the Holy Light from us, at all? Do you know that last year the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Easter coincided? Where do you think they took their light from? The Roman Catholics went to their Chapel, they threw Sulfur and lit it and took from that flame and that is jow they did thei "Resurrection" ceremony. On the other hand, the Armenian Patriarch is present when the Holy Light comes out. He waits in the ante-chamber of the Holy Sepulchre and he sits there being extremely careful to see if the Orthodox Patriarch will do anything out of the order. Can you see? says Christ "Here it is!" Where do you Armenians think you are going? Where do you Roman Catholics think you are going? Where do you Protestant think you are going? Where are you going, since Christ is here? All these "Christians" not only deny the thruth, but they are trying - if possible - to exterminate the Orthodox brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre. It is a constant miracle how the Orthodox brotherhood still survives there. It is a God's miracle the fact that those few orthodox monks and priests remain there And I am very sorry to say that, almost no orthodox prays for the brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre, or the Mount Athos, or the Mt.Sinai brothehood. Ft Antonios Stylianakis: "This sphere is unique I'd say. This is a unique document.. and God gave me the chance.. do you see the light sphere coming up from the heads, in the crowd? the sphere touches the heads of the pilgrims. We should say that this "light sphere" does not burn, isn't it? - Yes, it is totally harmless... ...

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Το Αγιον Φως και πως η παρουσία του επί 1600 και πλέον έτη αποδεικνύει ότι Ο Χριστός είναι Ορθόδοξος.
The Holy Light and its presence for more than 1600 years, is a proof that Christ is Orthodox. This translation is a tiny effort to inform all Christians around the world.

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