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WikiLeaks: el Vaticano desestimó informes de violencia bajo régimen de Pinochet como “propaganda comunista”

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A diplomatic cable posted by the whistleblowing site WikiLeaks on Monday shows the Vatican dismissed reports of violence under the brutal rule of Chile’s Augusto Pinochet as "Communist propaganda". " In a cable sent to U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1973, five weeks after democratically elected President Salvador Allende was toppled in a U.S.-backed coup, a Vatican official was quoted expressing "his and the pope’s grave concern over successful international leftist campaign to misconstrue completely realities of Chilean situation." Thousands of people were killed under Pinochet’s regime, and many more were tortured. The cables show the Vatican later realized the abuses were taking place, but continued diplomatic relations with Chile and refused to criticize Pinochet publicly. The documents were released by WikiLeaks in a new searchable database dubbed "The Kissinger Cables." The files also include notes from a 1975 conversation where then-Secretary of State Kissinger is quoted saying: "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer." WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke about the release of "The Kissinger Cables" Monday from his refuge inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he remains holed up to avoid extradition to Sweden on allegations of sexual assault. He is concerned if he is extradited to Sweden he might then he extradited to the United States. In a video address, Assange called the release "the single most significant geopolitical publication that has ever existed." Julian Assange: "Orwell once said that 'He who controls the present controls the past. And he who controls the past controls the future.' Our analysis shows that the U.S. administration cannot be trusted with its control of the past. We have pulled together two million documents, 250,000 documents from our previous release Cablegate, 1.7 million documents pulled from the National Archives, and put them together into an integrated format, a search system that we are very proud of." Muchas gracias por ver este reporte de Democracy Now! su informativo independiente diario. No aceptamos publicidad o financiación corporativa por lo que dependemos de la donaciones de telespectadores como usted. Por favor, haga su contribución visitando, necesitamos su apoyo hoy para continuar ofreciéndoles estos impactantes reportajes en profundidad.

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WikiLeaks: el Vaticano desestimó informes de violencia bajo régimen de Pinochet como “propaganda comunista”

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