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0 Introdução - Thymus_ Não Desperdice a Crise

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What a crisis! I wonder if we could do without this one. I don’t think so... I believe in evolution. Thymus presents: DO NOT WASTE THE CRISIS I believe this crisis is part of the evolution process of humankind. It is a stage in our evolution process. This crisis is teaching us some competences that we need to learn to solve the crisis itself and to do well in this new society that is likely to arise from this crisis. What is evolution? Evolution is moving from a stage of lower complexity to a stage of higher complexity. Each stage of increasing complexity demands new competences. Evolution is about developing new competences required by the new level of complexity that were not necessary in a stage of lower complexity. This complexity is a given, for better or for worse. We must learn how to manage it. It is caused by some factors such as: the globalization process, the number of people on the planet, all these people constantly connected to social networks through a very powerful, cheap technology, generating knowledge and decisions at the same time. It is caused by a number of complex and interdependent systems, like the international financial system, the food production system, the public health system I repeat the word “system” on purpose the international security system, the environmental system, the international corruption system, the drug trafficking system. All these interdependent systems interfere with each other and create a complexity that did not exist and that requires new competences. Probably, this crisis has taken such proportions because we don’t have yet the competence required to deal with this systemic problem. Hence the question: what do we need to learn from this crisis? This series is intended to use this crisis to develop new competences. The series will be called: Do Not Waste The Crisis. What competences do we need to develop to be good not to deal with the world we know, but with the world the way it will be, although we don’t know yet what it will be like. What do we have to learn? Let’s exchange ideas. See you next time.

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Posted by: robelinky on Apr 13, 2020

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