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Anonimus for RBE and Zeitgeist

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People of the world, the time for petty conflict and meaningless sentiment are over. The world is heading into a new age, as is obvious by the recent citizen's revolt against the powers and shadow governments interests. Julian Assange has helped to show us that our lives have been fabricated and sold to us with interest, that we can never repay. Through this, we have found ourselves on the brink of a great transition, a transition that opens the door to new planes of thought, and forces us to question the validity of a monetary system. After all the fighting is over, after we win this war. What kind of world would you build? After all the corrupt politicians, and the barriers of progress were removed, after corporate tentacles have been cut from our lives. What then? do we keep moving forward with a falsely justified system such as the monetary system? which only leads to corruption.or do we move in a more progressive path, such as a resource based economy, as suggested by Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco and The Zeitgeist Movement? Our economy is on the verge of collapse that is guaranteed to occur if we keep down our current path. Even with a gold standard bubbles are still created and corruption is still inherent. No matter what you believe in, the time has come to start thinking about the future of the world, the revolution is here and we welcome it. Money will always make for imbalance of power in our world, and lead to corruption, and hoarding of power, for the wealthiest among us. We must devise new ways of thinking that can help us evolve, as one people sharing the world we live in. agreeing only on one purpose, to help man reach his highest peak of understanding, and liberty, without being inhibited by a power structure that no longer represents our interests Remember the War can only be won with open thinking and collaboration of ideas, for this is what we fight for and believe in. But if we do not work on solutions to these problems, we will find ourselves in complete global chaos in the near future. We must form a sustainable society, where every person on the planet needs are fulfilled without greedy, and corrupt self interests. Think Freely and share your ideas. as a last message to the men behind the curtain. We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive we do not forget. Expect us!

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Posted by: viktorija on Mar 4, 2012

Anonimus talking about Resource Based Economy and the Zeitgeist movement

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