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To get my audience's attention and keep them interested, I like to use animation in my presentations. As you can see, I applied a single entrance animation effect to the first three bullets of text on this slide. And to emphasize the importance of the New Animal Health Care Division, I added a separate entrance effect with sound. I want to be very cautious, not to overuse animation and sound though. Let me switch to Normal View by pressing the Esc button. Because I want to go to another part of the presentation where I still need to add animations. When I'm in a hurry, I add animations using PowerPoint's built-in Animation effects. I'll add an animation effect to the Title Page. Let me see which built-in effect best highlights the Leadership Briefing text. I'll select the text and then click the Animations tab. In the Animations Group, I'll click the arrow next to No Animation to see what choices I have. Notice that as I move the pointer over the various built-in Animation effects, I get a live preview of how each effect applies to the selected text. I think I'll choose Flying All At Once. To test it, I click SlideShow. and then click the mouse. And Viola! The Leadership Briefing text now flies in from the bottom of the slide. The bottom of the slide is the default direction that Animations fly in from. But I can change that and other aspects of the animation. Let me switch back to Normal View to show you. To customize the built-in Fly In Animation effect that I just added, I start by selecting the text and then on the Animations tab, in the Animations group, I click Custom Animation which takes me to the Custom Animation pane. I want the Fly In effect to change direction and fly in from the bottom left instead of the bottom. Under Modify Fly In, I click the arrow next to Direction. And then I select Bottom Left. To see the Fly In effect, just click the Play button. Now let me show you how to add effect using Custom Animation. The second slide of my presentation contains three newsworthy announcements. But I'd like to reveal and emphasize individually. I'll add entrance effects to each of the three bullets of text and the logo on this slide. I'll select the first bullet and on the Custom Animation task pane, click Add Effect. Notice that there are four types of Animation effects. Entrance. Emphasis. Exit. And Motion Paths. I don't cover the use of Emphasis or Motion Paths in this demonstration.

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MS Office PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial on How to Add Animation

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