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The Thief Hello boss of town! Hello. Chief of the village, there are too many cases of theft in our village these days. That’s true. I am going to speak with someone ! Hello ! Hello ! Stand up. What is happening ? It’s a thief. Where have you caught him ? He stole money. We need to discuss this immediately ! Yes, village chief ! Go and punish him. Punish him ?! Yes he should be punished before it’s too late. I recognize him. He looks a lot like someone from my village. If we tolerate it, he will never stop stealing. And others will do the same. No, slow down to think clearly. No, we must punish him before it’s too late OK, if you were the chief of the village you would say he must be punished. In that case, I agree with you. Let’s try to see clearly. So, lets call the parents in. Call the parents. Tell them that their child has come to do. What should not be done. Hello. You are called before the chief of the village. Oh, but what !? We are called now ? What is happing here? I am not telling you anything. Village Chief – what is happening here? What do you mean, what is happening ? Don’t you see in front of you? What are you doing here ? He is here for doing what you have taught him. We have not taught him to do anything bad. No, it’s not true. Oh, Village Chief. Show us what is happening and to see clearly ! I want to know why you are stealing! We have given you a Mercedes car, a Jakarta Motorcycle, a VTT moped And everything that you desired! Despite that you steal? You have humiliated us! Oh Village Chief, we are so humiliated. It’s not sorcery. It’s the unrestrained taste for money That causes young people to steal. Do you not have enough to eat? Well, in any case we have not sent him to find something to eat. You must pay a fine in order to liberate your son. How much? -Two hundred fifty thousand. -It should be less No, it’s reasonable OK, here Village Chief I must verfiy if it’s complete Yes it’s fine. It is the cost of his arrest. 100 000 francs, 150 000, 200 000, 250 000 Village chief it’s complete OK, call their son. If we catch him stealing again He will be severely punished. No, he will not steal again. I ask you why you have stolen! You have humiliated us! Now I hope you have learned.Go and give him some serious advice so that he will not be stopped again for stealing. OK, understood. Good bye !

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Duration: 2 minutes and 23 seconds
Country: Mali
Producer: Plan Mali, Malian Youth
Director: Malian Youth
Views: 88
Posted by: lraftree on Jan 5, 2009

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