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System Demon: Obsession Demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demons 12 - Obession Demon I am the obsession system demon, and I existed within you when you obsess over something. Ok I'm not talking about ok stalkers or things like that in the most.. manifested form of myself as an obsession system demon as a human being on earth. I'm talking about, the things..that is the important in your world that you obsessed over that govern your world, you know.. those things in your world that you obsessed over that is like.. the trinkets of..jewels, in the 'end all' and 'all of your life' stuff things, for instance your obsession of the family, family matters..attending family bull shit, gatherings. Those things you put value into who I am the obsession, system..demon. So, for instance what other, what also..oh god! clothes.. being perfectly dressed and presented for the world out there somewhere.., the..materialistic possessions that make up your world.. that you see, with your physical human eyes, which you obsess over. God knows..some..people got fucking couches in their homes which they're obsessed over. Plates, apparently from..a hundred years back, which they'll obsess over, beautifully stacked into a neat cupboard. Somewhere presented in their home, what the fuck? You know, that is obsession shit. what else? make up, hair.. Caring for bullshit stuff that exist in your world: is obsession, did you know? Caring for something: is obsession. It is not caring, as you have defined it as according to 'love', both love and caring doesn't exist, obsession exist. Loving and caring is that which 'hide' the actual truth..which is obsession, so..if you care, or love for someone in your world adore them, know that you're obsessed with them. (right) and you fear..and then, from underneath that exist fear of loss.. that's where your fear of losing, that's where you're hiding with fear of loss. and, then..underneath fear of loss..exists..fear of being alone. So there is many layers, I am of the layers which is called, obsession. The obsession demon system which exists within you, beyond all the other layers within you, So, we are basically presenting, all the layers..of systems that is you that you've become that is now talking to you. Presenting you to you basically. so, the system that is i..that's all of us that is coming here, is showing human beings what they've become: systems. 'you're talking to them'. So, that's me, the obsession demon.. system and I have now explained to you.. where I am, where I am at according to the layers of you as systems that exist within you, so whenever you obs..., whenever you've care, love, adore or feel something or someone, know..that you're obsessed. Thank you very much. enjoy. Please join us for Disucssions: For Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 7, 2009


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