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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~02:00:29 - 02:13:20

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Kyoutei is a water, combat sport. To aim one glory... A boat and human fight together, it's brief moment of drama . A dream stage of... to gamble their status and glory. Their boats take off carrying their mixed feelings. This is the world of Kyoutei where over 1,500 fighters engage in fierce competition. Racers maintain motors and propellers with their own hand, and barrel through the water as quickly as they can. They wage a deadly battle. The special grade race called "SG" which is the most prestigious tournament in the world of Kyoutei. The highest prize is 100 million yen. All Kyoutei racers dream... There is one racer who revolutionized the world of Kyoutei among all Kyoutei racers who face the challenge of SG. People call him, "Prince of Kyoutei". We followed a really popular superstar. A big change has happened in the world of Kyoutei recently. So many fans packed into the venue. Many young females particularly stand out. No one could imagine this scene a decade ago. They just come to see one player. Tomoya Yamazaki, a 33 year old Kyoutei player who is the most famous player in the world of Kyoutei. He receives flowers from so many female fans. Everybody nicknamed him as "Prince of Kyoutei" because of his good looks. So many female fans rush to see his good looks. Yamazaki accepts any requests for pictures and an autograph for all fans with smile. Isn't it hard for you, Mr. Yamazaki? His popularity is not coming only from his looks. Yamazaki won the SG Japan Championships which is the top-level race of Kyoutei. He also one SG... Who is the top racer of Kyoutei. He has one race that was the best race of his entire life. It was such a fierce race that fans still talk about. Yamazaki is on the yellow, #5 boat. The 1st turn is the most important point. It affects whether a person wins or loses. He remained 4th at the important turn. This wasn't a good situation for Yamazaki at all. However, the amazing catch-up began from here. Only one lap left. Yamazaki caught up. #5 and #6 are now really close on the last straight course. #6 or #5. This is such a close battle. I am terrified! Yamazaki won on the last straight course by a hair. It was literally the deadly victory he got. I could race the best in my entire life, thank you. He has won about 1.5 billion yen. That amount of money normal people can never achieve. However, Yamazaki still continues deadly races. What drives him to keep going? I guess it's the feelings I get when I win the race. It's the best thing in my life. It feels as if the world revolves around me. As long as I keep going to pursue this good feelings which is as quick as a flash. The most enjoyment of life is the victory in the race. Yamazaki continues to race day after day, to feel the moment of victory. Yamazaki's biggest goal is to win the SG Ocean Cup at Kiryu Kyotei studium in Gunma where he is from. It starts on the 24th of this month. He can't lose this SG race which will take place in his hometown. In June, Yamazaki was participating in an important tournament. It was an important match to judge his current condition and lots of his rivals also participated. He made it past the first round of matches smoothly. And the day to decide who was going to take second place finally came. Yamazaki was silently improving his concentration level. In the race of Kyoutei, you need to lap 3 times. One lap is 600m long. There are 2 keys to determine whether you win the race or not. The first key is the timing of the start. Players run up to see when the big clock points at the direction of 12 o'clock. They barrel through the start line nobody can see. If you start even a little early, you will be disqualified for a premature start. The second key is the first turn. That means the way of turning the 1st mark on the first lap. The race development at this point determines the fate of the race. The highlight of Kyoutei is to see who has a quality start and who keeps any other players from getting the 1st mark. And the day to decide who is going to take a second place finally came. Only top two players can proceed to the final match. Yamazaki is 1-2 on the white boat, #1. The race has started. Yamazaki on boat #1 is coming out from the inside course. Yoshinori Iguchi is in boat #6. Yamazaki made such an outstanding start and made an excellent turn at the 1st mark. Now he is leaving the rest far behind. He held onto his lead and won 1st place. He advanced to the final qualifiers. The day of championship tournament came.

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Duration: 12 minutes and 50 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Jan 31, 2010

Rumi at home.

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