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MY MOTHER: We took two cars to arrive at your house CHANTAL: Ouf it's not true. SYLVAIN: LETI provides a drink to your cousins CHANTAL: This is your new home? SYLVAIN: Yes CHANTAL: This is how many bedrooms? SYLVAIN: It's three bedrooms and living room. CHANTAL: This is your chamber that is out there and the other two bedrooms are on this side? SYLVAIN: Yes SYLVAIN: Yes CHANTAL: Eh! Yes, Sylvain tell me the first name of your wife. SYLVAIN: Jocelyne CHANTAL: JOCELYNE you're at work, but we arrived at your house leaving IRENE alone. MY MOTHER: Irene is crying out there because it has remained alone. SYLVAIN: I thought the girls were going to stayed with her and the young (nickname of my mother) and you were coming. CHANTAL: But you're the same who told us to come all SYLVAIN: ok no problem Atibibi (nickname of my niece Kathleen) the gaou Lethicia: (giving a drink to these cousin) Dad you promised to give me money to pick up my photo SYLVAIN: Oh but wait this is not the time to talk. Lethicia: Ok Dad What's up the young (THE GRAND MOTHER) CHANTAL: Your water is broken? SYLVAIN: No it is the children who have shut the tap down.......The young SYLVAIN: There are two bedrooms, fix one of where you're going to sleep. CHANTAL: But where your children sleep? SYLVAIN: Which children? SYLVAIN: Why? What living room? SYLVAIN: But open the window Yes Push SYLVAIN: It's not locked Push to the right CHANTAL: In cases the living room is large we can sleep there. SYLVAIN: Lethicia, FRANCOIS AND KENZA sleeping in a chamber the other chamber is TREOSOR and EME CHANTAL: In cases the living room is large we can sleep there. SYLVAIN: Why do you go to sleep in the living room CHANTAL: Since my accident I have more strength in my arm. In all cases the vacation we are nomads SYLVAIN: You are the dozo. CHANTAL: No the nomads not Dozo MY MOTHER: It's your bedroom on the other side ?. SYLVAIN: Yes CHANTAL: Your kitchen is very pretty Lethicia: Dad! SYLVAIN: Yes but you see that I am recording my videos, talk to me later. Lethicia: Ok I let you recording I'll talk to you later. CHANTAL: Did they cook well your food? MY MOTHER: I am going to visit your bedroom. SYLVAIN: Ok [Tears] KENZA why are you crying? Come here! FRANCOISE what's wrong with her? SYLVAIN: Well KENZA Leti go see what's wrong with her. MY MOTHER: (back of the bedroom) What's wrong with her? Lethicia: Vouyou (NICKNAME OF KENZA) what do you got? SYLVAIN: KENZA, what is happened to you? KENZA: (CRYING ) Is it the boys who took my wallet. SYLVAIN: Who took your wallet? Come here! Come here! Who? Come here! Come here! KENZA: I lost my wallet SYLVAIN: Oooh!!! What wallet yeeeh? SYLVAIN: Francoise. SYLVAIN: Frans...... The younger have a sit! SYLVAIN: Come! SYLVAIN: Oh why are you crying? What wallet? How much is inside? SYLVAIN: That's Ok I'll give you money to go transfer unit in your mobile. Calm down.. KENZA: I have money in the wallet. CHANTAL: (A KITCHEN WITH THE SERVANT) what sauce you prepared? THE SERVANT: Eggplant Sauce. MY MOTHER: What?.. Eggplant sauce?

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