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The Misuse of Power. Sadhguru

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i have a friend who follows a man not far from here and she calls him her guru and if you look this guy up on the internet %uh you find any number of sites about him sort of prenecious acts that he commits or has committed. i wonder if you could comment on that the phenomenon of people somehow channeling a certain power on some things and using it. i wonder if there is something to what i am talking about what i am seeing in this guy. you you want to know if there is such a thing? where is your friend? going with him? must be good for her, right? so one thing is the accusations how far they are true we do not know once you stand in the public accusations fly. it doesn't take any basis i know this from my experience it it need now, it does not even need a simple basis simply absolutely wild accusations can fly anything that any man can ever do and cannot do people have accused me of all those things now they have run out of accusations. so they are keeping..keeping quiet. at one time the accusation in India was that %uh i am mesmerizing people and stealing their kidneys and exporting them united states it's not a laughing matter. your kidney's stolen so this became a big issue so their press and others got excited and wrote about this that this man is stealing everybody's kidneys and exporting them united states so they came to me to interview me how i steal their kidneys so they asked is it true that you are exporting kidneys to united states I said no I'm just having it for breakfast and you print it so you don't know where the acusations are coming from and for what reason but is it possible that somebody's misusing somebody? possible misuse is always possible in the world in every field of activity it's possible isn't it in every sphere of life unfortunately wherever human beings are in every sphere of life corruption arises if your policeman is corrupt or your lawyer is corrupt it's bad but it becomes very bad suppose your doctor is corrupt or your guru is corrupt, worse it becomes very bad because in someways you are putting your life into his hands. so it becomes very bad so in that context, yes but there is no sphere of life where there isn't misuse it isn't? yes? there are doctors who are misusing their patients there are lawyers who are misusing their clients, there are politicians who constantly misusing their voters and people there are gurus who are misusing their their disciples it is there in every sphere.unfortunately, there I don't want to make a personal judgment on somebody that we don't even know but your friend should know better than you, isn't it? if she's happy and is good for her I don't see why we should sit here and judge somebody that we don't know

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru his opinion on the legitimacy of a personal friend's Guru. Sadhguru comments on the misuse of power and more. (AO81)

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