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J M Moses the Law Giver Part 1/5

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Moses the Law Giver Part 1 Transcribed &Translated By Brian SW Kim Produced By Jordan Maxwell Moses the Law Giver Part 1 Alright, I want to talk a bit about Moses because Moses is very important to American Law, because , uh, United States operates on three premises. One Roman government, Our government is Roman in style. Our philosophy is Greek and our law is Jewish. As Moses is very important to the laws of America, the Mosaic law so let's look at Moses because it's a very interesting history, about the real story of Moses, the law giver. We know that Moses was given the law by God. he is the law giver, the leader of the children of Israel. and supposedly God gave Moses the ten commandments on the Mt Sinai, and he comes down from Mt. Sinai, bring it to the children of Israel the new law. The whole and actually the ten commandments also of which Moses was supposed to have gotten from God. The ten commandments are actually based on the Egyptian negative confessions do some research at the library on the web on this subject of Egyptian negative confessions and you'll find that the Egyptian negative confessions was the laws in Egypt and they're almost identical to the ten commendments. So, that's probably where we get the ten commandments was from Egypt. And here's just a classic example of the comparing the Egyptian negative confessions to the Hebrew. Uh, laws from Moses. So the mosaic law. Moses, the law giver, "alright we have Moses , the law giver in the legislative chambers of all cross America and all those States and the Federal Government we have statues of Moses being the law giver, not even mentioning of course the Vatican and all over the world Moses as respected as the great law giver. Supreme Court is the Moses holding the two laws the tablets interesting to know that Moses first given the law from God. He on the tablets, he threw them down a book, the tablets, he was the first law breaker. This is why we get the idea that you break the law. As I said, here's Moses , the law giver, dipicted in the Us House of representatives. Why does Moses have horns? Now I have some interesting questions about Moses, Let's start with his horns. A lot of people don't know about Moses was always pictured with horns. Now this is about the Vatican. In churches, you always see it Moses. Anytime he's portraited with horns. Moses is pictured with the "Moon or Luna Horns". Moses was the focal figure of an ancient cult of moon worship on the Sinai Peninsula. The horns represent the Cresent Moon. The moon in this little clearer resembles horns, as it's a encyclopedia talks about the luna face when the horns of the Cresent moon point up at the angle. So, the horns are actually the moon and the lower quarter. And you'll feel the God of the moon, his name was sin, we'll get it in just a moment. you'll see the goddess is here, where she's got the moon. The moon horns Native Americans of course, native Americans chiefs wore horns. Ah, this is why they would count their days, native Americans would count the days some Sunday on. That's why they would always keep track of their days by mini moons. there are many suns but by mini moons So, the horns of native American Indian chiefs wore the lunar for the mini moons. And across the Vikings kept the same identical idea. The Vikings had the moon horns. There as I said this lower quater of the moon was and a shape of horns. And so establishing that the lower quarter of the moon that the horns now we'll get into the actual archaeological findings we see the moon, big pictured on coins. Here's hands raise worshipping the moon. These are ancient findings in archaeology. Here's the moon on its boat as it flows through the sky in the ancient Egyptian idea. Here's the Virgo, the virgin in the constallation virgo connect to the lower quarter of the moon the moon god above the three in the middle. So, the lower quarter of the moon has taken on the appearance of horns. And here you'll see the same thing in the Vatican. Vatican, lower quarter of the moon. The moon cults, they got to bother to read all of this, because you can read it yourself, but it basically is talking about ancient cult of the moon. And question Islam, Allah is connected to the moon cult. Now, if you go to the Google for instance, if you go to google, and type in "moon god sin", because the actual name of the old Arabian moon god was, his name was "sin". S.I.N Sin was the Sumaric moon god's name. So as I said, if you go to google and just type in moon god, Sin, S.I.N you'll see that over one million inter list just on that one subject. Then, if you put into google, say, S. I. N equals Allah, you'll get about a million two hundred and seventy thousand inter-list talking about the moon god, Allah. And here's another one. Those ones are like three and a quarter million, if you put in moon god, Allah, So Allah or Sin, S I N was a moon god in the ancient Arabia. Here's another one. you put in Islamic moon god, you got a hundred 98 thousand entries. 여기 보면 카톨릭 교회에서도 심지어 초승달 문양을 사용한 게 보이죠 말씀드린 대로 달의 신 이름은 "씬"이고 씬은 초기 남부 아라비아 지역에 살던 크리스천들의 숭배대상이었습니다 이것은 중요한 의미를 가지는 게 ..... 셈의 자손들이 캐리비언 일대여러 도시에 에 퍼져 살면서 기독교 초기 시대인 서기 3세기에 걸쳐 달의 신을 중점 숭배한 사실을 알 수 있으며 그리고 달의 신 이름이 SIN으로 되있는 걸 볼수 있죠 이제 사전을 보면, 백과사전에서는 상징[심볼]을 볼 수 있고 달의 신에 관해 서술하고 있지요 바로 모세가 시내산에서 신을 만나게 되는 데 모세가 만난 그 신이 바로 달의 신 '씬[SIN]'이 되는 거지요 그 신은 수메리아가 일어난 이래로 줄곧 거기 있는 걸로 인식되어져 왔습니다 '시나이'란이름의 기원은 사실 SIN에다가 'AI를 덧 붙여 시놈의 옛땅 이름에 추가한 겁니다 그러므로 원래 '야훼'란 원시 아라비아 부족의 달의 신이었으며 그러니 고대 히브리리 족속의 신 '야훼'란 사실 산에 모셔지던 달의 신 '씬'[SIN]이란 거죠

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Jordan Maxwell talks about the symbolism and deception surrounding the story of Moses and the introduction of the concept of law into our civilization.

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