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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:30:25 - 08:45:25

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― They want to eat you. ― You. ― You. ― You. ― You. ― You. ― You. ― You. ― And whose is this? ― It's mine, mine, Zhanna. You are lying... It's Anya's. ― No. ― Yes. Anya, is it you who hid? Who gave you this? ― What? ― That thing on your back... ― The Americans. ― What? ― The Americans, who else! Zhanna, they are following you! It's already fallen. "Ks-kss" (calling for a cat) Let's find the cat. Where? Aren't you going to play with the cat? ― It's not your cat, it's all of ours... ― It's mine! ― Ours! ― Mine! ― Ours! ― I betcha it's mine! ― Ours. Mine! And the white one is mine only! ― The white one is not only yours, it's yours and mine, right? Except for... Right? ― No. Then it's not yours either! Then it's only mine. If your cat comes, I'll take her and I'll throw her away. You don't like cats... You like only Lena's, which stinks. Lena's cat is good. It's smelly! Yours is smelly! Got it? Got it? ― You are "got it!". ― Shut up, you're silly! You are silly! ― You are crazy, shut up. ― It's you who is crazy. ― It's you. ― You are a baby! ― It's you who's a baby. ― Baby... So, it means you are a baby! ― No. ― Yes. ― No. ― Yes. ― No. You are younger than me. Baby, it's mine! ― Really? ― Yes. Then you brought it, since it's all empty... We painted it! Marina painted it, mama painted it, and Elya painted it. And you didn't paint it! Shut up... You didn't paint it either. I clean all of this... ― I know where the cat is. ― Really? ― Yes. ― If you love God... ― If you love God. ― I won't tell you, but I'll tell... ― And I'll be peeping! ― What? ― I'll be peeping! The cat is upstairs! ― You're lying. ― No. ― Really? ― Yes. ― What cat? The white one, yours... You're just lying! ― Moma has... ― Esiboka? ― Esiboka. What if I have a look? You can't go there. ― Yes, I can! ― You can't! I've been there already. You've been there weeks ago. And now you won't go there in your life! If I want to I can go there! ― It's not like you bought it. ― I did. ― How many dollars? ― Fifty. Where? Igor gave me that much. I didn't give to anyone. I just bought gum. You can't give fifty! You can give five. ― I can buy a house right? ― No! A baby is on the swing. It's you who's a baby. What? You're a baby! You are a baby, and you have... on your head! Stop lying! You stop lying! ― If you love God? ― If you... ― If you love God? ― If I love God... If you love God... Don't follow me. I brought this stone! Lots of nuts! I brought this stone! You didn't buy it... There are some nuts left... It's mine, don't touch it. I am not stealing it... What happened? Did you bite it? ― You bit it! ― No, you bit me! ― You bit me! ― You. ― You. ― You. ― Roma! ― Roma! Let me crack it! Let me crack it. Wait, take your hands away! Give me. Give me. Crack it with the bottle! It's there. It's there! Nanny sat on it! Come with me. Come with me. Let's go, Zhanna! ― Let's go there. ― Upstairs! ― Where? Is Ilyas there? They are coming too... Playing chase and tag... Is the cat there? Why is he laughing? No, the cat isn't there. Is the cat there? Is the cat there? Come on, come in! Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! Come in. You bring it here! ― Let's go in! ― You bring it here! I won't go! ― Bring it first! ― No. ― Or I won't go. ― Then, I won't go either. ― Go! ― Go. Roma, come here! Bring it! ― Roma, bring it! ― The cat isn't here. ― Can you say "If I love God?" ― If I love God... ― Let's go upstairs, Zhanna. ― You said "If I love God"... Let's go, I'll show it to you there... Otherwise... ― Really? ― Mhm. ― If you love God? ― If I love God... Roma, come here! They are calling you! Roma, go! ― And you won't come? ― They are calling you only, not me. What? Your thing is not working. Roma, be quick! Huh? ― Don't stay there, Zhanna! ― And why not? Come here, why are you shy? Whose is this? I do not want to... ― You bring it first... ― What? The cat! ― Maybe it's here. ― No. Stay here! Wait for me, Zhanna. Roma, do you think there are any spoons in here?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 124
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Oct 20, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 08:30-08:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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