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Hey it's Cheryl Stinchcomb. Welcome to profits on Pinterest and today is day 12. We talked about boards. We actually had a full lesson and we talked about a lot of different details but there are different ways you can use your boards. I want to spend a little today on some more unique Pinterest board uses and kind of go through some of these for you and show you a few different things that are gonna be beneficial to you. So in this training session, I'm gonna show you two different ways to use your Pinterest boards. I'm gonna give you the best way to gain engagement on your boards. And then I've a secret but shhhh.. I can't tell you just yet. You're gonna have to wait. So first of all, I wanna tell you the best way to increase engagement on your Pinterest account and it's called contributor boards or you'll also hear people call them group boards. And these are really awesome to be able to not only increase engagement, but to really gaiin more followers as well. So first of all, what are group boards? Well, group boards are where you can invite others to actually pin on one of the boards that you own. And you control it. It's invitation only. So whoever you send an invite to, can accept or decline to be able to pin onto that board. What it also does, these group boards, they help you to interact with other like-minded people on Pinterest or business owners and when you pin on a board, it actually gets shared with all of their followers. So it's gonna increase your brand awareness. And here's how you know it's a group board. It's indicated by the little 'people' icon at the top right of the board as you can see right here. So why in the world would you use a group board? Here's some ideas for you. First of all, you can invite your fan base to pin one of their favourite products. So let's say you're a restaurant, maybe you say hey pin your favourite food item that you had and they will actually take a picture while they're in the restaurant and they'll pin it. And you can also tie it into a giveaway as well. You can do a contest board. Contest board really makes it simple for people to be able to participate. Maybe you have a company convention and so people are scattered afterwards so maybe you just ask them, invite them hey share your most favourite moment at the convention. Maybe it's after wedding and you just want to be able to get more wedding pictures out there so you can invite people that are on Pinterest that went to your wedding, and say hey pin your favourite wedding picture on our board and it helps you gather other pictures. So a lot of different ways you can use it whether it's for personal or if it's for your business. So think about it, think about your business right now what you have to offer. How can you use group boards for your business? And then I want you to post a video and write down 5 ideas on what you think you can use group boards for. So let's go ahead and head over to Pinterest and I'm gonna show you how to create a group board. Alright now I told you I've a secret right? Well here's my secret. It's called secret boards. Here's what so cool about Pinterest. It's that you've 3 different boards that you can create that are secret. And what does that mean? Well, it means that you can pin items or repin other people's pins to a secret board that's for your eyes only. You can only have 3 at one time. So once you maximize the 3, then you have to make one of them public to be able to have a free secret board and one thing you need to know is once you make it go public, there's no turning back. You can't make it secret. So why in the world would you wanna create a secret board when the purpose of being on Pinterest is people to see your pins and drive your traffic back to your website. Well, let me tell you why. Here's some ideas, is 1, if you are, you already got your Pinterest account up and running, you've got great pins, great boards, you can avoid having an empty boring board. So imagine if you have an entire profile of empty boards, people aren't gonna wanna follow you. They're not gonna see any value. So you look at this one on the right, the Twitter social media tips. This one only has one pin in it. So it's not gonna get a lot of attention. So what you can do is you can create a board and you can at least have 5 pins because that's really all you need to get started. If you have 5 pins, all of these 4 empty blanks get filled in and then you've big image there. So all you need to do to start a board is just have 5 to get started. Another thing is I like to have 1 secret board and this will never go public for me. It's called the placeholder and this is when I see things on Pinterest that I'm not really quite sure I want to repin or if it's a blog article that I'm interested in and I don't have time to read it yet. I will repin it to this placeholder and then I come back to it. So I might be working on a project that I've an idea for and I'm can't start for months down the road, I'll pin it into my placeholder board and I'll always come back and look at it. So in there I've 37 pins right now that I refer back to and hold on to but I'm not really quite sure what I wanna do with it. So I love having that board. Just so you know, when you look at the board, when you see the lock there, then you know that's one of your secret boards. So that's how you know it's secret and it's not public. So here's what really cool. What if you were to combine these both ideas? A group board with, as a secret board. Well you and your team/friends, they can pin without the public seeing what you're pinning. So only the people that are invited and accepted this secret board can see what's pinning. So what would you use that for? Well let's say your business and you have your team is kind of scattered across the US, what if you've a future company promotions coming or you've team meeting coming up. Well you can pin ideas, pictures and stuff that you're working on and then everyone can see all at once. So instead of having to do emails back and forth, you can share on Pinterest board. What if you're organising Christmas gifts to buy and you're trying to organize with the grandparents, maybe they're saying oh what the grandkids want for Christmas, they always ask me and I can't really describe it to them but I can definitely post a picture from the toy store or the clothing store and then they'll know where to get it and how much is it. What if you're planning a bridal or a baby shower for friend and you want it to be a surprise or a bachelor party. So there's so many really great ideas to combine both of these together. So think about it as your business if you've a team that you work with, or maybe it's just yourself, you're planning this big contest and this giftaway. You can start building your board and start putting it together and then all the sudden, bam you can make it go public when you're ready roll at your promotion. So take a few minutes and just go ahead and pause the video and write down how can you use a group board or secret board to represent your brand. So let's go back to Pinterest and now I wanna show you how to create a secret board and once you see this, then you'll know how to do both of them together.

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