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Let’s go. My next guest, ladies and gentlemen. She is... ...the fabulous... ...Kesha! Hello, gorgeous. Nice to meet you. The lovely Kesha, ladies and gentlemen. There she is. There are some of your fans right there. I love them. You have a group of so devoted fans, and they were outside in the cold. - I know... - And I said let’s make sure... ...we can get them all in. Like Lady Gaga has her fans and they are called monsters, yours have a name as well, don’t they? Animals! 'Cause they’re wild! Look at them! Did you name them animals or did you just decide... ...they were animals or what happened? My first record is called “Animal” and I also act kind of wild, like a creature. I hope to bring people... I want people... ...when they listen my music and come to my shows... just act. How crazy would you like to go? Naked, make out, punch stuff, not people... Throwing up... Yeah, I mean if they want to... - Both things, crazy! If that is fun, yeah! Sometimes it is unavoidable in these days! Here’s something that troubles me: Are you encouraging them to sing your stuff or... ...did they just started singing your stuff? But sending your body parts, is this right? I had like a small request, it was an idea. I love my fans, I do. It’s the only reason... ...why I’m sitting here with you. I wanted to have them send me their teeth. Just once they are not using them. So baby teeth. Baby teeth or like wisdom teeth. Before they are becoming crazy or… Yeah. Mine front tooth fell out one time. You said it fell out one time? Did it just fell out or did you bang it or...? It just banged it on this... I was trying to open a beer bottle. Why would you do that? What was wrong with you? 'Cause I’m clever! The front one. And you have a new fake one in it right now. Yeah. And it’s pretty good, it’s solid? Yeah, it’s pretty good, thanks. You want them to send their teeth so you can use one of their teeth? No, I just wanted to have a little piece of them with me. That’s a nice thing. It was out of kindness and then when I say it out loud, sometimes people think I’m a bit crazy, but I’ve got all this teeth, I’ve got like over a thousand human teeth. A thousand human teeth!? Yeah. That’s too many, isn’t it? Really? No. We can spot your fans, not only by their wild behaviour, but also by a gap in their mouth sometimes. Which is not necessary a bad thing. They are showing devotion! What have you done with your new teeth collection you have? Lots of things. I’ve made a headdress out of them. Why wouldn't you? Who wouldn’t? I know! I love that! It’s the first thing you see when you walk in my house. It’s a skeleton with the headdress on, with all my fans teeth. Human teeth?! Yeah. Let me ask you some more strange Kesha stories I’ve heard. Okay. You had an experience with a ghost. I have had a couple actually. One of them particularly involved an exorcise experience. Yes, it was a sexy ghost… He'd come to me in different ways, with shadows sometimes, one time I found a snake under my bed, finally it’s like it decided to wake me up... ...and like get busy. So the ghost got busy? Oh, yeah. The ghost, this time, was in a snake form? Wait, wait. This is a serious investigation. What did the apparition resemble? A dude. A dude. Is there any way it could’ve been a dude? No! Crazy as it sounds, hear me up. He looked like a dude. Yeah. He acted like a dude. He did, yeah. You are an attractive young woman. Thanks, baby! He did what a dude would do. Did he say "I’m a ghost"? Yeah, he told me he was a ghost. I love how easy it is to fool you! It was a ghost! - How do you know? - Because he was scary! Oh, he was a scary dude! He was spooky! It could’ve just been a scary dude. Well, I do like those in general, but yeah... I’m hoping it is a ghost, it’s a kind of lose-lose situation. If it was with a scary dude, you know, that’s not right, and if it was a scary ghost, that’s kind of even worse! I looked at that as a win-win, I’m like a glass half full. Okay. I love your look. I love the way Kesha looks. Don’t you love it? And I know you don’t have a stylish, do you? You do all of this yourself, is that right? It's like I’m very crafty and they don’t sleep.

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