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~ ~ There is less care. There is a lack of support. The children there are unhappy, because they are not looked after properly. It is not the same kind of care that they would get from parents. They are not happy there. I do not support institution, because I do not like them. I used to live there. I think children should visit other kinds of school. ~ Put simply, there are too many children, too many people. The relationships are not the way that they are supposed to be. There is a lack of love that is provided by the family, the children have difficulty starting their own family. Should they wish to raise their own children, they would have a great deal of a problems establishing contact, because they have not experienced it themselves. I think the children are unhappy there. Because the children are annoyed. Something should change. They could go for trips, for example to the zoo, where they could watch animals. ~ Not staying in the institution. The number of children going to institutions should be lower and lower. Parents should not send their children there. They could move to small family home as I will. ~ The ideal situation would be that children would not stay in institutions anymore. If only there was some kind of training for the parents who have children with disabilities. It would be better if children from institutions could go directly to a family, this seems unlikely, but it would be great if it happened. Another thing could be sheltered homes or small community homes, where there are less people and more nurses, more people who look after the children. The ideal situation would be that the caretakers would not change so that we could establish and maintain some kind of relationship.

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Posted by: lumos on Dec 29, 2015

Our messages no SBT (1)

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